Intense Leather Anal In Private Sex Club

Duration: 20m, 41s, Starring Chris Yeager, Drew Andrews

(279 Votes)

At an exclusive private sex club, two leather clad gays hook up for some extremely hot sex. The guys personalities clash slightly, fighting for dominance. One man is wearing a leather vest while the other has reserved the leather for his legs, wearing a pair of chaps that leave his buttocks exposed. The cock sucking goes both ways and then finally the man in the vest bends over at the waist, placing his arms against the wall for support as his chap wearing buddy slides his cock into his sphincter. He buggers him in doggy style hard and fast, whipping it out and spunking on his partner's buttocks. The other man is left to masturbate alone.

Leather Stud Ass Fucks A Hot Younger Man

Duration: 16m, 46s, Starring Carl Seer, Paul Carrigan

(190 Votes)

This older, goatee wearing leather stud has got himself a cute young cocksucker for the afternoon. He pulls the younger man towards him, his ass looking so irresistible in those tight blue jeans! Soon both men have taken their trousers off, with the young dick slurper crouching in front of his leather clad daddy and blowing him. For such a young chap he sure has got a sweet cock sucking mouth on him - he works the dick like a pro! He bends over a small ladder and his leather wearing buddy buggers him savagely, holding him by the hips and anally slamming him with his big cock. The younger man masturbates furiously, tugging his small cock.

Blond Cocksucker Gets An Ass Slamming

Duration: 19m, 29s, Starring Eduardo, Eric Woods, Scott Hardman

(131 Votes)

Now this is some fucking hardcore anal! In this clip, two beefy studs, one with an almost shaved head and the other with longer blond hair, have some hardcore cock sucking and anal sex action. At the beginning of the fucking, the shaven headed guy is standing dominantly over his crouching blond friend, who is sucking his cock. The shaven head guy is really rough, holding his buddy by the back of the head and throat fucking him. Then he bends the blond cocksucker over, ramming him anally. He squeals and goes red in the face, completely consumed with the sensation of that hard penis sliding in and out of his butt! It's seriously intense!

Leather Studs Takes Turn Ass Fucking

Duration: 21m, 49s, Starring Eric Woods, Max Grand

(476 Votes)

The cock sucking and ass fucking goes both ways, as leather bound studs Max Grand and Eric Woods get rough and dirty with one another. One guy is dressed in a leather vest while the other has a studded leather belt crossed over his chest. The guys kiss each other extensively to begin with, feeling each other out and getting comfortable with each other as they grind their hard packages together. Getting partially naked, they suck each others' dicks and then take turns fucking each other in the ass, pumping each other anally. The guys drive each other to mutual orgasms, ejaculating all over each other - anal stimulation will do that to a man!

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