Caucasian Man Anal Fucked By Hot Latino

Duration: 21m, 26s, Starring Kaua Conauta, Matheus

(103 Votes)

A horny Latino stud just can't get himself any cock, so in desperation he pays a visit to the mystical stage in the forest. He gets some useful advice, and he walks off into the forest to try and find himself a lay. He finds a tattooed, Caucasian stud sitting on a bench, looking forlorn. He casually approaches the tattooed men, chatting him up and he knows that he has struck pay dirt when he sees the man's eyes flicker down to his crotch, checking out what he's packing. The Caucasian is an eager cocksucker, and also an even more enthusiastic bottom, begging for a hard anal fucking and an ass full of hot semen - this is hot!

Sunbathing Twink Pounded In His Wet Anus

Duration: 20m, 2s, Starring Taylor Garcia, Victor Marinelli

(152 Votes)

This gay stud is walking in the forest when he sees a sexy young twink sunbathing on a blanket. The sunbathing man is completely nude, and the walking man can't help but admire his brown, toned body. He lies down next to the eager twink, running his hands all over his chest and thighs, finally reaching between his legs to stroke his semi erect penis. The sunbathing man is clearly a submissive bottom, sucking on the walking man's cock and then bending over, holding his ass cheeks apart and imploring his new found fuck buddy to give it to him hard in the ass. The walking man willingly obliges, pounding that shit hole good!

Jogger Ass Pounds Random Guy In Forest

Duration: 17m, 9s, Starring Gustavo Boulevard, Maximus

(140 Votes)

A hot shaven headed gay man is jogging in the forest. He stops when he sees a flash of colour through the bushes, walks through the trees to investigate. He sees another very attractive and tanned man, dressed only in a loincloth as he sits meditating in the woods. The jogger just can't resist, walking up silently behind the man and laying a hands on a familiar fashion on his shoulder. The meditating man is somewhat shocked at first, but he doesn't pull away when the jogger begins to kiss and nibble on his neck and ear lobes. Soon the meditating man finds himself on all fours, his arms held behind his back while his ass gets pounded.

Gay Men Have Hot Sex On Forest Picnic

Duration: 21m, 43s, Starring Aryell Uehara, Juan Menendez

(124 Votes)

A young homosexual couple decide to take the day off and sneak into the forest for a romantic picnic. It's a lovely sunny day, and while the guys are sitting on their picnic blanket, they decide to strip off and sunbathe for a while. They sit there for a while, just admiring each others' well muscled bodies. Then the younger man leans over, gripping his partner's cock and wanking it to a full and hard erection. Once his boyfriend's cock is bristling and erect, he takes it in his mouth, sucking it deeply. Then he lies on his side, holding his ass cheeks apart and begging his boyfriend to fuck him hard and deep in the ass hole.

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