Two Guys Have A Romantic Anal Session

Duration: 30m, 22s, Starring Brett Williams, Dallas Taylor, Grant Larson, Johnny Rey, Rod Garetto

(260 Votes)

In this hot gay sex clip, two extremely good-looking but frustrated young men meet in a bar. Rather than just having the typical dirty quick fuck in the toilets or in the alleyway outside, they go home with one another, intent on a far more lengthy and romantic fuck. The lovemaking takes place in a beautiful bed masked by mosquito nets that adds an air of mystery to this hot gay anal video. There is plenty of oral sex at the beginning of the action as the guys take turns plugging each other and also 69. Then one guy bends over with his face in the pillows while his buddy holds him by the ankles while he buggers him with a long, stiff dick.

Gay Film Focusing On The Relationship

Duration: 12m, Starring Grant Larson, Jason Broderick, Johnny Rey, Marco Rossi, Randy White

(110 Votes)

Just when you think you have seen it all along comes the gay adult movie Romeo & Julian that is part musical. Yes, you read that right, there is singing! Now this movie actually has a storyline and it centers on two lovers as they share their life together. There are a lot of hot guys with amazing bodies, some kissing and touching but no actual sex in this segment of the film. It does however continue the storyline and gives you insight into the gay male relationships and gay scene at bars and beaches in this vintage film.

Singing Studs Have Hot Homo Sex

Duration: 16m, 55s, Starring Grant Larson, Johnny Rey

(197 Votes)

Lovelorn handsome stud Grant Larson sings about his romantic troubles before he's joined by his cheating lover Johnny Rey. Johnny has come to make amends, and he apologizes before giving Grant a rose. They're soon in bed together, naked and kissing passionately. Grant slides down Johnny's body and sucks his hard cock, and the men 69. Johnny sits on Grant's face to get a rim job while Grant jerks himself off, and Grant blows his load all over his own stomach before Johnny jerks his own cum all over Grant's chest.

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