Romantic Gay Guys Fucking in the Grotto

Duration: 13m, 58s, Starring Blake Landon, Kyle Douglas

(132 Votes)

This is one of the most romantic locations that I think I've ever seen for a porno, and Blake Landon and Kyle Douglas are smack dab in the middle of it. They start off by kissing each other in the waterfall, letting the cool water cascade over all of their naughty bits. Then it's time to get in the water, and they kiss and lick each other all nice and slow. Before long the kissing and licking is blowjobs and fucking - and by that time they keep on going for quite some time before exploding in a spray of cum.

Captain Of The Team Gets His Knob Worked

Duration: 20m, 37s, Starring Blake Landon, Jody Bennett, Will St. John

(78 Votes)

The captain of the football team invites two of his teammates back to his parents' house for a hot threesome. The confident Alpha stud sits in the corner of the couch as his two teammates both go down on him. There's not much hotter than watching two good-looking studs sucking on the cock of another attractive stud! The three men get completely naked, lying in a circle and taking turns polishing each others' knobs. One guy lies down on the couch, taking the captain's cock in his mouth while the captain gets reamed in his butt by the other fellow. To conclude the scene, all three men lie next to each other and watch each other jack off.

Young Stud Fucks An Older Man In The Ass

Duration: 16m, 33s, Starring Blake Landon, Jay Richards

(152 Votes)

A sexy young man is helping his older neighbour to fix his computer. He has often thought that his elderly neighbour is attractive in an Alpha man kind of way. Halfway through the fixit session, the older man simply gets up and plants his lips firmly on the younger man's mouth. Soon the guys have fallen to the floor, shedding their clothes on the way, and are locked in a hot and steamy oral 69. After the guys have sucked each others' cocks for a while and they are both rock hard, the old man lies back, lifting his buttocks in the air. Younger man licks his anus and then slides his hard shaft in there, making the old man moan in pleasure.

Sexed Up Neighbors Have Hot Backyard Sex

Duration: 12m, 3s, Starring Eddie Simmons, Michael Westin

(93 Votes)

A hot young blond guy is sunbathing naked in his back yard. He thinks that no one is watching and he strokes himself to a full erection, enjoying the warm rays of the sun on his rock hard shaft. Little does he know, but his next neighbour has been spying on him through the back fence! The neighbour sneaks over, silently approaching the sunbathing man and then reaching out to grip his thick tool. The blond is shocked but as soon as his neighbour wraps his lips around the blond's shaft, the blond guy arches his back with ecstatic pleasure. The two men retreat to the shade, where they take turns sucking and fucking each other in the ass.

Gay Cocksuckers Have Hot Deepthroat 69

Duration: 16m, 4s, Starring Kyle Douglas, Ricky Hanson

(64 Votes)

Two horny gay men, one blond and one with brown hair, are sitting around in their underwear. The blond sits on his friend's lap, stroking his tool. He wraps his horny cocksucking lips around that gay prick and swallows it whole. His friend is so turned on that he wants his own taste of penis, and so the two homosexuals get down on the ground, lying on their sides and passionately 69ing. The guy with brown hair cums quick, spreading his load all over his friend's face and down his throat. Then the brunette bends over, offering up his ass hole so that the blond guy can finish himself off. The blond gladly complies, hammering his ass.

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