Risky Gay Anal In Garden Centre Cafe

Duration: 16m, 50s, Starring Duncan Miller, Rich Raines

(152 Votes)

There are all kinds of dirtygay sex acts happening at this degenerate garden centre. In the middle of the garden there are a few tables where the local gay population tends to congregate. Two guys are sitting there today, eying each other up eagerly as they wait for the gardener to leave so that they can get busy! As soon as the cute young gardener is out of sight, the guys are up out of their chairs and pressing their hard bodies - and even harder pricks - together. They take turns sucking each others' dicks and then the more dominant man bends his submissive buddy over, licking and fingering his ass to get it ready for his big cock.

Shaven Headed Guys Fuck In Public Garden

Duration: 19m, 56s, Starring Joey Cafferio, Mathew Thomas

(181 Votes)

In the middle of this lush public garden is a small greenhouse with a few tables where people can sit to read or study. That's exactly what this good-looking, tattooed stud is doing when another shaven headed man approaches him, boldly placing an arm around his shoulders. The guys take a quick look around to make sure that they are not going to be intruded upon and then they quickly strip, sucking each others' dicks. However, this scene focuses on hardcore public anal penetration, as the guys take turns pleasuring each other right there in the garden! They pound each other hard until they have both cum satisfactorily.

Young Guys Have Hot Public Sex In Garden

Duration: 16m, 57s, Starring Drew Andrews, Tony Bandanza

(178 Votes)

A young college student is studying in the privacy of a public garden, because he finds being surrounded by the lush greenery relaxing and stimulating to his mind. However, when he is approached by another good looking stud, all thoughts of academics are abandoned! The two guys find themselves a quiet spot, hidden from view behind the trees. They stand there naked, rubbing their hard bodies and their even harder pricks together. Soon the geek is having his cock sucked by the new man, who can't wait to get a mouthful of semen. Then college lad bends the other man over and sodomises him roughly, filling his ass with his dribbling penis.

Cute Young Gardener Sodomized By Bad Boy

Duration: 17m, 19s, Starring Brody Mason, Ethan Wright

(142 Votes)

A cute young gardener is hard at work inside his greenhouse, tending to his plants. He looks up from his labouring to see a good-looking older bad boy staring at him through the glass. Right before his very eyes, the bad boy unzips his pants, pulling out his large, thick cock and beginning to stroke it! Speechless, the young gardener can only beckon for the man to join him in the greenery. Hidden from the piercing gaze of his co-workers, the gardener gets on his knees and swallows the stiff dick, choking on hard cock. He bends over and lets the bad boy do whatever filthy things he wants to his tight anus, including hard sodomy.

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