Executive Ruins A Young Twink's Asshole

Duration: 16m, 56s, Starring Matt Windsor, Alex Kincaid

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This dirtyexecutive likes them young - and male! He is a busy man, without the time to find himself a boyfriend and hold down a regular relationship. Anyway, he's an alpha male - he wants to stick his cock into as many willing receptacles as possible! He orders himself a young male whore, who shows up and jumps into bed with his new daddy. The men strip off, the executive being much larger and more muscular than the young twink that he is about to fuck. He gets a blow job and then licks the twink's ass, getting it nice and wet for his big cock. An anal finger fucking and then dick slamming follow, leaving the twink's ass ruined!

Two Big Cocks In Hot Bareback Anal Orgy

Duration: 27m, 6s, Starring Brian Maxx

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Two good-looking guys get it on in this straightforward homosexual sex scene. One of the men is straight acting, a tradesman in real life, while his fuck buddy is a bleached blond haired fairy. The two match together like chalk and cheese, a perfect match for one another - you know they say opposites attract! There's hot oral sex both ways including 69 action. Don't miss this fantastic close-up shots of the cock swallowing! Then it is anal sex time, with the blond haired gay man taking the lead and bending his alpha male stud over for an ass fucking. However, the butt sex goes both ways, and soon the tradesman is fucking his man's ass.

Two Twinks Blow Each Other Then Fuck Their Ass

Duration: 13m, 36s, Starring Keith Blade, Ralph

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This awesome gay sex scene begins with good looking bucks Keith and Ralph kissing each other on the bed. Both guys strip down to their underpants, rubbing their hard pricks together until the cotton of their y-fronts is stained with precum. Next the dicks come out and the oral goes both ways in a cock sucking extravaganza. Keith is lucky enough to have his ass licked by Ralph in some extremely filthy butt licking action. It's lucky that he wiped well this morning! Soon the ass hole is well lubricated with saliva, allowing Ralph to stick his cock right inside that hole, and he nails buddy violently. This is some really rough anal!

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