Dude Gets Mouth And Ass Filled With Cock

Duration: 19m, 47s, Starring Daniel Hanson, Julian LeCoq

(307 Votes)

It's fuck time for Julian LeCoq and Daniel Hanson. No more cuddling for these two studly dudes, it's time to slip each other the hot beef injection. Julian sucks Daniel's huge thick cock like a champ, wrapping his pink lips around the stiff base of it. The guys trade off and then a set of toned legs go up in the air as that huge dick glides into a tight butt-hole. It's a serious butt-fucking and then the big floppy cock goes back into Julian's mouth for some suckage. He strokes him to an explosive money-shot.

Not All Fun And Games For Two Hot Hunks

Duration: 19m, 23s, Starring Elvis D'urfee, Suny Tessier

(179 Votes)

Suny Tessier and Elvis D'urfee got together to play a game that is fun for two. It almost guarantees that you get your nipples sucked, feet massaged, cock sucked, butt-hole licked, and ass reamed by a stiff prick. Holy shit, this game didn't take too long to get the good part as both guys have their sexy cocks out and in each others' mouth. Suny wraps his hard dick with a studded cock-ring to pump cute Elvis' tight ass with his pulsating pecker. Both guys sit back on the couch and stroke themselves to hot messy cumshots. It's so hot as the jizz sprays down each guy's chiseled body.

Boners And Board Games For Cute Boys

Duration: 20m, 11s, Starring Mischa Viaeu, Simon Le Mieux

(191 Votes)

Wow, Mischa Viaeu and Simon Le Mieux are locked in a wordy battle of scrabble until Simon demands that he be "paid" for his victory. And like that we're watching him fill his friend's mouth with a big cock. These bookworms know how to get their fuck-on and get it done with some gay 69, toe-sucking, and sexy butt-fucking. They run the gamut of fun for a couple of gay boys. When the fun is coming to an end the guys work one another into a furious orgasm complete with two massive loads of hot jizz.

Lucas Wins Alex's Ass in a Foosball Game

Duration: 19m, 22s, Starring Alexandre Pleintemps, Lucas DeSolei

(205 Votes)

Betting on a game of Foosball the loser has to have his bottom up and take it all. Lucas wins the match and eagerly starts kissing Alexandre and getting each other naked. As Alexandre eases Lucas' pants down he stays on his knees to give him a blow job, turning Lucas on more. Lucas pushes him back against the Foosball and deep throats his entire shaft before turning him over to give his ass a lick. Bracing himself against the table Alexandre lifts his bottom up to let Lucas penetrate his asshole with his long hard cock. Moving to the couch Alex's legs are behind his head as Lucas punishes him for loosing.

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