Initiation Ritual Involves Hardcore Anal

Duration: 22m, 21s, Starring Lucas DeSolei, Stephanie Longulieu

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Impressionable foreign cocksucker Stephanie wants to get into this exclusive fraternity. In order to get into the club he will have to go through the initiation ritual - and Goddamn, but it's seedy! Stephanie gets led into the basement where he is stripped nude and blindfolded. He has to go through a series of compliance tests including humiliatingly sucking on a sausage. Once he has taken the sausage in his mouth all bets are off, and this is followed by the dominant male's throbbing penis. Stephanie gets roughly throat fucked and then sodomised in the basement of the boys club, finally masturbating all over himself at the end.

Cute Brunette Boys Share A Bath

Duration: 19m, 34s, Starring Luke Loader, Pasqual Joliette

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While at a cabin out in the woods, Luke Loader decides to wash his car in the buff as his friend Pasqual Joliette looks on. Luke the adjourns inside for a hot bath, and he begins to stroke his dick until Pasqual decides to join him. Luke sucks Pasqual's hard cock, and Pasqual returns the favor and blows Luke. Luke then bends over to get a rim job, and Luke fucks Pasqual up his tight ass doggy style. Luke blows his load all over Pasqual's butt, and Pasqual strokes himself off until he cums all over Luke's chest.

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