Hunky Gay Nudists Fucking on Boat

Duration: 27m, 2s, Starring Rostislav Olchava, Vitale Yomas

(293 Votes)

I don't think I would ever try this, but Rostislav Olchava and Vitale Yomas are taking a nice, leisurely boat down the river - and they decide to have a lot of fun by fucking on the boat. I don't know if I could do this without falling off, especially since it's just a little raft, but they are going to do their best to try it out. They start off by just enjoying the sights, but once it comes down to it they want to go ahead and enjoy each other. They end up fucking right on that raft and then jumping in the river to cool off afterwards.

Euro Gays Have Careful Anal Sex In Boat

Duration: 18m, 34s, Starring Miroslav Zeman, Vit Pokorny

(124 Votes)

Two Caucasian guys go out in a boat for an erotic fishing trip. They both decide to get completely nude, since it's a sunny day, and they need that precious vitamin D! Of course, things get horny, beginning with a mutual handjob situation, followed by some hot oral cocksucking. Then, they very carefully and gently have anal sex, with one guy bending over on his hands and sticking his ass up in the air while his buddy penetrates him. They can't go full speed in case they tip the boat over, but it just makes the pleasure even more excruciating. Soon the guy who was doing the fucking is milking out his load all over his buddy's bottom.

Muscular Gay Men Fuck on a Boat

Duration: 21m, Starring Ilen Dorsov, Kamil Broza

(167 Votes)

Boating has a new meaning for these guys. They don't waste any time, they go after each other quickly removing their clothes to get access to each others cock. With boat rock on the water Kamil and Ilen suck and lick each others cock and balls harder and faster. Bent over the side of the boat with a wet tongue to lube up the ass a dick enters easily into the hole. His legs are over his head with his ass in the air giving the deepest penetration possible. In a variety of positions these two create their own waves on the water.

Gay Guys Fucking After Boat Ride

Duration: 26m, 2s, Starring Kolav Olcek, Zdani Ulsef

(260 Votes)

Kolav Olcek and Zdani Ulsef just love to hang out on their boats, but after a bit of time out on the water they end up wanting to hit back home. Of course they really just wanted to get some privacy together - the rooms that they end up going into have a nautical theme as well, and that adds a nice counterpoint to this particular scene. The other nice aspect of it is the police uniform that Zdani is wearing - I don't know if he's really the coast guard or not, but I do know that he looks perfect in that uniform.

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