Submissive Gay Fucked By Leather Master

Duration: 20m, 16s, Starring Ethan-Michael Ayers, Jake Taylor

(394 Votes)

Two men hook up at a gay sex club for some hot suck and fuck action. They find a secluded and dark spot, and the leather clad, dominant stud gets his blond buddy to his knees. The blond slut eagerly gags on that prick, loving the feeling of that shaft as it hits the back of his throat, almost making him vomit repeatedly. Then he takes it in his poo shoot, getting bent over and reamed like crazy. He screams like it's his first time, but he still doesn't hesitate to take the filthy penis in his mouth and suck his leather clad bounty off into his mouth. The slavery of the submissive fuck slut knows no bounds - he's 100% gay!

Leather Clad Stud Reams His Hapless Pig

Duration: 32m, 47s, Starring Cole Reese, Sam Ritter

(173 Votes)

A poor young man gets called in to the boss's office for a lecture. He hasn't been pulling his weight around the office and it's time for his review. The boss leads him into the back room, and he is shocked to find that his employer is a hardcore leather bound raving homosexual dominator. He orders his employee to strip, leaving only his socks and shoes on. Then the hapless employee gets down on sucking cock before he gets bent over a workbench and drilled in his ass. He screams, but you can tell by the thickness of his penis, which is erect, that he secretly loves this subordinate treatment. He gets a real power fucking.

Leather Daddy Getting His Rocks Off

Duration: 26m, 44s, Starring Gordon Lee, Mark Steel

(120 Votes)

Mark Steel loves to get into a wild outfit and meet up with his leather daddy friend Gordon Lee in the stairwell. They aren't just the type of guys to have some nice, calm sex either - they have sex so intense that people are going to hear it all the way down the road. Things start off slow, but once they get up on those stairs their libidos explode and this leather and flannel pair go to town. There is dick sucking galore, with some truly delicious cocks, along with a lot of fun going on with their dicks.

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