Michal Dvorak And Milan Loksan Suck Dick Together

Duration: 28m, 31s, Starring Michal Dvorak, Milan Loksan

(196 Votes)

The trout sure are plentiful today! These two guys are quite happy with how things are going after catching so many trout, so they go back to their place and have some drinks to celebrate. One thing led to another, and pretty soon the clothes were practically falling off of their bodies. They took turns sucking on each other's dicks, moaning loudly from how good their buddy can suck cock. It got even louder once they were butt fucking, sliding their man meat in their friend's ass, and feeling the warmth of his colon wrapped around his dick. He squeezed his ass cheeks together to milk his friend dry, as every last drop shot from his balls.

Gay Fishermen's Hot Couch Fucking

Duration: 23m, 26s, Starring Robert Honisek, Svatop Seifert

(311 Votes)

After having some fun out at the river, catching fish and whatever else they could snag on their line, these two guys decided that the best catch of the day would be to catch each other's cocks in their mouths and assholes. That's why they were eager to get home and feast on one another's peckers. They quickly got each other's clothes off and went to work, making sure every inch of cock was massaged with their mouth before the blonde guy pushed his dick all the way inside his buddy's asshole after licking it. Once he got on top, it was only a matter of time before he blew his load, which he hungrily ate every last bit of off of his body.

Man's Hunting Vacation Gets Hardcore

Duration: 29m, 41s, Starring Marek Boruta, Pavel Vichera, Vaclav Skipala

(376 Votes)

After an afternoon of fishing and sharing stories, these three guys headed back to the cabin to get cleaned up and wind the day down. That also happened to mean that the friends were going to show each other how much they enjoy each other's company by way of some great all-male fucking! It starts off with two guys first, with one opening his mouth for the other's hard dick, drooling all over it before the third friend comes into the room. That's when everyone gets to suck everyone else's cock, and then open up their assholes for hot gay fun. One of the guys even stuffs a toy up his ass while getting fucked before they all shoot their load.

Horny Studs Try To Stay Warm By Fucking

Duration: 15m, 45s, Starring Marcel Manigati, Marcel Mantic

(226 Votes)

These two guys went inside to get out of the cold and warm up. And there's no better way to warm each other up than by keeping their bodies close and rubbing them together! That's how his mouth ended up in his lap, with his cock completely expose and sliding in and out from between his warm lips. He loved the taste of his cock, and wouldn't stop sucking it and drooling all over it until he was offered a blowjob as well. In order to keep warming them up, he spread his legs and had him stuff his sausage inside of his ass, as his fuck box was pounded until he was ready to cum. He shot hot jizz all over his balls, so you know those are warm!

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