Big Ball Studs Getting Nasty Outside

Duration: 20m, 54s, Starring Adrian Hughes, Sam Hernandes

(83 Votes)

Adrian Hughes and San Hernades are well built gay guys that are always in the mood for a quickie outside. They love finding a private corner, or a not so private corner that they might be caught at before they start going down on each other. If you love hunky guys that are not overbuilt, this is the perfect pair for you to watch. They start off with a quick blowjob, getting their dicks nice and thick, and and they end up getting bent over and fucked. Sam's ass ends up being stretched out all the way.

Burly Guys Fucking in the Tub

Duration: 31m, 20s, Starring Adrian Brett, Paul Carrigan, Sweet Williams

(383 Votes)

Sweet Williams and his friend starts off this hot gay porn scene with a bang, but it doesn't take long before you switch over to Paul Carrigan and Adrian Brett. First there's some naked car washing - and you get to see Paul's perfect abs. From there, he goes inside to check out Adrian Brett. They find themselves in the bathroom, and you know that bathroom sex needs to be done right inside the tub. They take a few minutes to find a proper position, but eventually figure out the perfect ass banging layout.

Hunky Blond and Brunette Gay Sex

Duration: 17m, 9s, Starring Jim Whethers, Michael Vista, Sweet Williams

(101 Votes)

Sweet Williams starts off this scene by showing off his gorgeous muscles. This guy is ripped through and through, and you can almost see muscles on muscles. If you like seeing built guys, this is a great start to the scene. After he gets done stripping, you get to see Michael Vista and Jim Whethers getting their dicks nice and hard for each other. Like Sweet, they're well built and ready to whip out their dicks and put them to good use. First comes the gay dicksucking, but soon enough they're getting their freak on.

Hairy Gay Hotties Getting Nasty in Tub

Duration: 15m, 3s, Starring Gino Gultier, Sweet Williams

(128 Votes)

The hot tub is always a great place for sexual activities, and it's the perfect place for Sweet Williams and Gino Gultier. It starts off with Sweet showing off that very sweet ass, getting it nice and wet for the camera. He's leaning over in the hot tub and enjoying himself immensely, working his ass until you'd have to be blind to see how tight he is. After a bit of kissing and caressing in the bathroom, Gino moves the action to the bedroom, putting his ass deep inside of Sweet's well shown ass.

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