Gay Shipmates Become Bedmates

Duration: 23m, 49s, Starring Shawn Jamieson, Wiley Boyd

(231 Votes)

Wiley Boyd and Shawn Jamieson certainly enjoy sharing a room together - before this they were just shipmates. However they certainly have needs, and those needs need a gentle and loving touch to get them taken care of. They start off by just messing around with each other, but before long they are stuffing each other's mouth full of dick. They also take things a step further, going for something that they would get in a lot of trouble for if they got caught - they start fucking each other's super tight ass.

Sexy Sailors Fucking in Their Rooms

Duration: 26m, 22s, Starring Chad McIntyre, Montana

(163 Votes)

Chad McIntyre is spending some time alone with a magazine and his hand - he doesn't know who he can turn to, but he does know that he needs to get off and fast. He gets walked in on by Montana, who seizes the opportunity to just fuck the hell out of this sailor. They start off with a bit of cock sucking, just to get each other nice and hard. Once they get done with that, off they go to the fucking stage of things - with as loud as they are, it's a wonder that no one has managed to catch this pair getting nasty.

Tony Akin And Duncan Skidmore Having A Great Gay Fuck

Duration: 24m, 11s, Starring Duncan Skidmore, Tony Akin

(129 Votes)

I don't know how hard it is to find a private place on a ship, but Tony Akin and Duncan Skidmore have managed to find a nice, quiet bedroom for their naughty deeds. I love watching these well built girls start to run their hands up and down each other's bodies. The firm muscles shudder under the insistent fingers, and once they decide it's time to suck some shaft there is just an explosion of passion. They are almost leaping into each other's arms to taste the dickhead, and as they go they get nastier and nastier with each other.

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