Lusty Gay Guys Fucking After a Walk

Duration: 15m, 51s, Starring Blake Landon, Eddie Simmons

(14 Votes)

I didn't think that walking around would be something that would turn on this pair of guys so much. They run back to their apartment, and that's when the magic happens between Blake Landon and Eddie Simmons. They start to kiss nice and slow, their hands wandering up and down each other's bodies. With every pass they get harder and harder, and before long they end up getting all over each other. There is dick sucking galore, and then a nice on top fuck fest that will make you want to moan and groan.

Sexy Movers Getting In Some Gay Sex

Duration: 14m, 26s, Starring Chett Addams, Andrew Michaels

(9 Votes)

Chett Addams and Andrew Michaels are the movers today, but they are going to be moving and shaking something else before this porno is out. Andrew is an incredibly tall guy compared to the smaller Chett, but it actually works out pretty well. They are caressing each other and working their hands up and down those hot bodies, getting their dicks harder and harder. Chett gets down on his knees and starts with the blowjob, and then he leaps on top of that dick to get it all the way inside of his tight ass.

Hot Gay Fivesome in Awesome Orgy

Duration: 17m, 45s, Starring Wicked, Blake Landon, Shane Christian, Scott Williams, Mathias

(7 Votes)

Five might be a crowd, but in this gay porno it is an adventure. I love seeing five guys working on each other's cocks, all in a row. Wicked, Blake Landon, Shane Christian, Scott Williams, and Mathias are all gathered on one giant couch and working on those cocks. I don't know whether they have some sort of a queue system for deciding who gets what dick, but I do know that this is pretty fucking hot to watch. There is dick sucking and fucking throughout the entire room, and I could not imagine a better orgy.

Gay Guy's Twink Fantasy Cums True

Duration: 15m, 41s, Starring Jay Richards, Tommy DeLuca

(17 Votes)

There sure are a lot of phallic looking things by this guy's house, so no wonder why this guy was horny and trying to make a booty call. That's when a sweet twink magically appeared to him, and made his dirty old gay man fantasies cum true. He went down on the smooth boi, whipping out his dick and plunging it down his throat, before his new friend did the same for him. They each took turns sucking one another off again before the twink licked the guy's asshole, getting it ready for his cock to slide into as he climbed on top of him. He got to fuck his dream boy as well from behind, before both of them stroked themselves to cum.

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