Gay Man Squeals While Anally Stretched

Duration: 20m, 37s, Starring Charles LaSalle, Ezequelle Bourget, Jacques LaMarre, Lucas DeSolei

(118 Votes)

Two young gay men meet at university and are immediately attracted to one another. One lonely afternoon, one guy rings the other and they hook up for a hot afternoon of gay loving. One guy, the more dominant of the two, has short black hair while the other guy has longer sandy hair. The brunette sits back with his cock out while his submissive cocksucker takes it in his mouth and swallows. The two men lick each other's assholes and then the brunette enters the blond man's ass from behind. The blond guy squeals like a bitch as he gets sodomized, rolling over on to his back and jerking his own cock while he gets plugged in his tight ass.

Missing Person? A Gay Orgy Will Find Him

Duration: 38m, 12s, Starring Charles LaSalle, Geoffri Laurant, Lucas DeSolei, Tomy O'rne

(169 Votes)

All of these gay French guys have the same thing in mind, and after having conversations with each other, they all get together to work it all out. Sure, they said that it was to look for some missing friends, but after they all get together, after they make the posters to try and find their friends, they instead turned their attentions towards each other and started stripping each other naked! Cocks were going in and out of their hungry mouths to make them all stiff, and then tight asses started getting fucked hard, filling the room with orgasmic grunts and moans. All of them shot their hot loads of cum in the end.

Saucy Twinks Fucking in the Hall

Duration: 18m, 14s, Starring Alain DuPont, Julian LeCoq

(226 Votes)

Julian LeCoq and Alain DuPont are hot, slender twinks that don't really seem to be able to make it to their bedroom. Instead they end up getting it on right in the hall. Julian gets bent over the table and his ass rubs up against Alain's sweet crotch. They start kissing and stroking each other, but soon enough Julian is on his knees in between Alain's legs and sucking away. They just love to get their freak on, and since it's right by the front door there's a good chance that their neighbors are going to hear.

Hot French Gay Guys Fuck Each Other Hard

Duration: 21m, 44s, Starring Alain DuPont, Julian LeCoq

(1004 Votes)

This guy tells a story about him and Alain DuPont, and how hot their fucking session was a couple of days ago. After Julian LeCoq and Alain went out for a couple of drinks, they went back to Alain's place for some hot gay fun, as he took off Alain's underwear to give his cock some breathing room, since it was getting so hard. He found a new place for it to reside, as he stuffed his own face with every inch of it. He made sure that every inch was licked, and then got the favor returned when he got a blowjob of his own. Alain then opened up his ass cheeks for all of Julian's cock, as both of them did it until they both came.

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