Angsty Gays Have Hard Anal In Kitchen

Duration: 24m, 9s, Starring Chris Rock, Lucas James

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At the beginning of this hot gay anal scene, a good looking young dude is feeling depressed. He sits on the kitchen counter, eating some ice cream to try and make himself feel better. His equally studly room mate walks into the kitchen, dressed only in a towel. He gets spoonfed some ice cream from the first man and then drops to his knees, sucking his dick! The oral goes both ways, and then the depressed man bends his buddy over and fucks him hard in his sphincter. He lets out all of his angst, pounding his buddy's butt violently and painfully, heedless of his screams! The two men lie next to each other on the floor and masturbate.

Cute Guy Sucks On A Large Dribbling Cock

Duration: 21m, 4s, Starring Logan Reed, Wade Peters

(301 Votes)

This dude is married, but when he meets an extremely muscular, dominant male at the gym he decides to switch teams! Making some lame excuse to his wife, he goes to the man's apartment, and as soon as he gets in the front door he begins to kiss his new boyfriend passionately on the lips. Then he sucks his first cock, getting on his knees and swallowing his muscular friend's straining penis. He proves to be an expert cocksucker and soon the first beads of salty precum are appearing at the eye of the shaft. This is the signal, so the married man gets down on to his hands and knees and begs for rough anal sex. He squeals during the sodomy.

Horny Cocksucker Gets A Good Ass Fucking

Duration: 10m, 37s, Starring Brent Cross, Tommy Cruise

(138 Votes)

After a romantic evening spent in front of a roaring fireplace, these two horny young homosexuals decide to take their relationship to a new level. One of the guys leans against the wall while his muscular, good-looking boyfriend, who is still wearing a pair of white y-fronts underpants, goes down on him. Not only is this guy cute, but he sure knows how to suck dick! His buddy almost spurts in his mouth, so the cocksucker stands up, bending over in front of the fireplace at the waist and holding himself up by placing his hands against the wall. He masturbates as he roughly gets fucked in the ass by his now wild lover, who is desperate to cum.

Awesome Threeway Gay Anal Penetration

Duration: 20m, 11s, Starring Alex Stone, Lucas James, Paul Morgan

(224 Votes)

This hot gay threesome anal sex scene begins with three hot guys kissing and fondling each other. While two of the studs lock lips and furiously lash each other with their tongues, the third man drops to his knees and begins to suck both the thick cocks. Although the oral is deep and enthusiastic, the highlight of the scene is the three way anal penetration segment. Two of the guys are buggering each other and then the third man slides in behind, filling up the spare hole. At the end of the scene, the submissive cocksucker gets down on his knees and takes the splattering cumloads of the other two gentlemen on his muscular chest.

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