Cute Studs Fucking Outside in Sun

Duration: 13m, 36s, Starring Casper, Wicked

(77 Votes)

Wicked and Casper just love to wander outside for their dirty deeds - and they end up finding an area right outside their building to do it. They are hidden by bushes and love to show off their sweet bodies. They are complete studs, and they start off by sucking off each other. There is a bit of fucking involved - they end up bending over onto the building and getting their asses filled to the brim. You can hear those balls slapping all around the block, and it's amazing that no one ends up finding them.

Hot Gay Guys in Intense 69 Action

Duration: 19m, 33s, Starring Damien DeAngelo, Jay Richards

(248 Votes)

Jay Richards and Damien DeAngelo love to fuck, but sometimes they just want to have a fun cock sucking session. After a lot of caressing and enjoyment of each other, they end up in a gay 69 that has them sucking their dicks together. Of course after that they go for individual sessions, exploring those cocks and balls, even dipping down to the taint and rim for some enjoyment. They certainly know how to push each other's buttons, and before long they are screaming in pleasure and cumming around the room.

Hung White Dude Ass Reams Cute Brown Boy

Duration: 14m, 30s, Starring Randy Vasquez, Wicked

(71 Votes)

What is it about dirty old white men and that young brown ethnic cock? It seems that brown skin on a good-looking young chap drives these dirty old white fuckers wild! Also, there appears to be a strange correlation between the dirtyness level of a white homosexual and his propensity for wearing cheesy bandannas! In this hot scene, a well hung white stud gets it on with a cute young brown guy, sucking that sweet brown cock and then bending the young buck over and fucking him up the butt. At the end of the scene, the brown boy reclines on a chair, jacking himself off while the white man drenches him with a torrent of hot jizz.

Hairy Twink Taking a Deep Dicking

Duration: 14m, 28s, Starring Ricardo Diaz, Tony Brando

(177 Votes)

Tony Brando and Ricardo Diaz are having fun out in the sun - they end up getting a mouthful of cock and fucking under the sun. The interesting thing about this pair is that although they are slender like twinks, they are hairy and sexy with that hair. They aren't your normal twinks, and that will keep you hooked throughout the entire scene. Ricardo is a pro at cock sucking as well, working his mouth up, down, and around that big dick of his friend. They certainly know how to enjoy each other in this gay porno.

Cute Handymen Fucking on the Job

Duration: 18m, 4s, Starring Jay Richards, Scott Spears, Wicked

(90 Votes)

You might not want these guys working for you since they fuck every chance they get, but these three hotties certainly are great eye candy. They end up sucking on each other before finally stripping each other down - before then they end up in a three way stroke that everyone is having fun with. They also end up getting bent right over the ladder and taking a deep dicking. They fucking love that, especially Wicked - he's licking Scott Spears' ass while he's fucking Jay Richards. Now that is fucking hot.

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