Curly Haired Kip Jacks Himself During Painful Deep Anal Sex

Duration: 26m, 21s, Starring Dallas Taylor, Kip Kasey

(422 Votes)

In this erotic gangster hardcore flick, curly haired stud Kip Kasey gets fingered and fucked in his ass by blond thug Dallas Taylor. Despite the fact that these guys are murdering mafia men, they still love hardcore butt sex - and today instead of putting people 6 feet under, they explore each others' sphincters and massacre each others' wet anuses! Kip bends over and buries his face in the sofa as he gets anally fingered by Dallas, who almost fists the curly haired stud. Then Dallas slides into Kip's ass, making the other stud moan as his rectum gets stretched Kip jacks himself as he gets his tight butt relentlessly plugged.

Hardcore Gangsters Damian And Paul Suck Each Others' Cocks

Duration: 24m, 15s, Starring Damian Ford, Paul Carrigan, Troy Steele

(631 Votes)

This gay gangster film features some awesome mutual cocksucking between hardcore thugs Damian Ford and Paul Carrigan. Both of these guys are gorgeous, in their mid-30s and the prime of their lives. Their bodies are outstanding, well toned, muscular and slightly hairy - so damn tasty! In a luxurious mansion, the guys suck each others' dicks poolside, kissing on the lips and then taking turns going down on each other. There are some great close-ups as they work each others' pricks to perfection, eager for that hot spurt in their mouths at the end, Paul bends over so Damian can ream him in the ass and then they cum on each others' cocks.

Tattooed Drew Spits On Max's Tight Ass Hole And Fucks It

Duration: 11m, 19s, Starring Drew Andrews, Max Grand

(2277 Votes)

Both of these dudes are ridiculously sexy! Homeowner Max Grand is paid a visit by official Drew Andrews, looking so dapper in his suit. However, underneath the official looking suit, Drew has got some sexy tattoos - along with a long, thick cock that Max can't wait to get his lips wrapped around! Perfectly toned Max lies on his back while Drew screws him in the mouth, lowering his groin down on top of the other man's face and choking him with his pole. Then Drew spits on Max's ass hole, entering him in missionary while the hunky brunette jacks his own dick, enjoying the deep prostate stimulation that Drew's big hard cock provides.

Mafia Man Gets His Cock Deep Throated By His Fearful Captive

Duration: 16m, 42s, Starring Dallas Taylor, Damian Ford, Drew Andrews, Paul Carrigan

(891 Votes)

In this mafia inspired hardcore flick, a hapless businessman who is late on his loans gets dragged into a cheap hotel room. His tall and threatening captor demands hot oral sex - so the scared businessman gets down to business! Remaining fully clothed throughout, he just unzips his captor's pants and starts sucking him, working his dick down to the base with his slutty mouth. Turns out that this businessman is a natural born cocksucker, fellating the head and then taking the whole damn thing down his throat. He also pays special attention to the balls, taking them in to his mouth one at a time and suckling them for added pleasure.

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