Two Horny Asian Dudes Get Naked And Suck Penis

Duration: 22m, 20s, Starring Lucky Chrebet

(257 Votes)

Lucky Chrebet has always lived up to his name. When fighting with swords his luck has always been good, and it's brought him many wins. Martin Nehmet is one of those guys that just wants that luck to rub off on him once in a while. When he says that to Lucky though Lucky takes him wrong and assumes he's about to get lucky again. Rubbing up against Martin, they both start to get hard and soon enough their clothes are hitting the floor so they can get a better handle on the other swords they've got.

Two Horny Asian Dudes Rub Their Swords Together

Duration: 17m, 4s, Starring Heath Zane, Thomas Ballou

(186 Votes)

Thomas Ballou has been training in his dojo for months, and he wants his next belt promotion. He knows the katas and all the right moves and kicks. He's fit enough, and there's nothing he can see standing in his way other than his sensei and room-mate Heath Zane. Heath has been holding off until the point Thomas seemed to be ready to quit before giving him his next obstacle to conquer. Heath finds his room mate meditating and pulls his cock out, bringing him out of meditation to discuss how he'll surmount the obstacle.

Three Handsome Guys Having Gay Sex Together

Duration: 24m, 3s, Starring Elijah Charvet, Johan Lebar, Landon Quinn

(477 Votes)

If this trio had a name, they'd be known as the 'three handsome guys'. They might get a different moniker if their adoring fans knew they fucked each other in the ass on the regular, but for now that's their secret. Instead, the three handsome guys practice sword play together, and then go home to practice another kind of sword play behind closed doors. Today, Elijah Charvet, Landon Quinn and Johan Lebar couldn't wait to get home to fuck around, and instead got started right there in the dojo by sucking a little dick.

Christiano Bellani Enjoys Sucking Mens Dicks Like Fabio

Duration: 21m, 37s, Starring Christiano Bellani

(532 Votes)

Christiano Bellani and Fabio CHristeen are two of the best sword fighters in their dojo. They're well known for being in top shape, and always fast on the draw. When they heard some of the other guys were fucking after class and it was helping them keep relaxed and happy during practice, they decided to give it a try. Stripping off their pants and shirts they each took turns by sucking the other's cock, but soon they both wanted more. So one of them bent over for the other, and that's when the hardcore anal started.

Billy Dexter And His Mates Like Enjoy Oral Pleasure

Duration: 17m, 35s, Starring Billy Dexter, David Owen, Sidney Holland

(333 Votes)

David Owen, Sidney Holland and Billy Dexter are all in the same kendo class together, and just got promoted. Their skills with their swords having been recognized, they decide to go out for dinner to celebrate their success. Once they've had some drinks though, their tongues loosen up a lot more, as do their pant strings. It's not long before one of them makes a joke about the other's skill with his pork-sword, and suddenly pants are coming off and mouths are going down on more meat than at dinner.

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