Two Bearded Studs Swap Blowjobs At A Sex Store Gloryhole

Duration: 1h, 2m, 28s, Starring Bruce, Junior, Pooch McGee

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Perverted sex store owner Junior has set up a gloryhole in his shop, and his first two customers have a grand old time! Unable to see each other, Pooch and Bruce stand on either side of the thin plywood wall, alternately sticking their dicks through the hole for some hot oral sex. Both of these guys have got some whiskers on their faces, providing even more stimulation as they work their mouths up and down each others' dicks. Like a lot of gay guys who indulge in anonymous fucking, these men have got superb oral skills and it doesn't take long for them to blow their loads. Of course, both of the horny sluts swallow all the jizz they can!

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