Helpless Stud Tied Up And Ass Pumped By Two Separate Guys

Duration: 26m, 35s, Starring Bruce, Florian, Shadow

(93 Votes)

Shaven headed stud Florian gets drilled in the ass by two separate dudes in this intense gay domination video. First he's tied face down onto a wooden bench by dirtydominator Shadow, who looks extremely threatening in his black mask. With Florian's hands tied down firmly there's nothing he can do as Shadow pulls down his pants and starts to drill him in the butt. Once Shadow has had his way with the helpless man, Bruce enters the room, completely naked except for his boots. He peels open Florian's dripping ass and slams his own rock hard dick right inside, pumping him right in his tight anus like his life depended on it.

Horny Cocksucking Slave Florian Just Can't Get Enough Dick

Duration: 15m, 10s, Starring Florian, Shadow

(83 Votes)

Check out this horny cocksucker - he just can't get enough cock! His masked dom Shadow sits back and relaxes, telling his cock sucking slave what to do as the horny dick blower really gets down to business. Florian is literally panting for the fat prick, gripping his Master's ballsack and then deepthroating his meat. He looks up into his Master's eyes adoringly, wilfully making himself gag on the thick member. He splutters everytime that it hits the back of his throat, making his eyes water, but then he just keeps going for it - he's not going to stop until his slutty mouth has been filled with his Master's shooting sperm load!

Anal Slut Florian Fucked In Ass And Mouth By Hairy Bear

Duration: 13m, 4s, Starring Bruce, Florian

(86 Votes)

Middle-aged anal slut Florian loves to take it nasty, so while he is hogtied to the bench, recovering from his previous anal fucking, hairy bear Bruce seizes his opportunity to get in there for seconds! Florian can't turn around to see who it is all he knows is that there is a muscular dude about to slam him in the ass! He grunts and groans as Bruce crams his cock in to the other man's ass with virtually no lubrication, quickly starting up a steady and painful thrusting. He rolls Florian over onto his back for some missionary sex, but then insists that the dirty anal slut finish him with his mouth. He spurts right down Florian's throat!

Nappy-Wearing Fatty Taken Over His Master's Knee And Spanked

Duration: 17m, 59s, Starring Florian, Shadow

(73 Votes)

In this dirtygay fetish movie, dirtyMaster Shadow is as dominant as nappy-wearing slut Florian is submissive. Shadow takes the stud over his knee, pulling down the top of his underpants to spank him firmly on his butt, eliciting a wide variety of yelps and moans. Florian loves being beaten - and he loves that he can feel his Master's cock stirring with every firm ass spank! Once the spanking is over, Florian gets down on his knees, submissively bobbing his head up and down on his man's dick. He looks lovingly into his Master's eyes as the load is delivered unceremoniously all the way down his throat. Of course, he swallows!

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