Ass Fucker Dakota Delivers Some Serious Sodomy To Shy Kaden

Duration: 17m, 54s, Starring Dakota, Kaden Roads

(306 Votes)

These two young summer camp studs are both seriously fucking cute! Brunette Kaden is tall and eager, but rather shy when it comes to actually getting his cock out. It takes Dakota a considerable length of time to convince Kaden to get naked in the privacy of the forest. Kaden leans back against a tree as Dakota kneels in front of him, working his prick with his mouth. Back in the dorm room later that night, Kaden gets his own first taste of cock as he goes down on Dakota, who pays him back by delivering a serious ass fucking that really makes Kaden moan! The guys finish the movie by taking a slow and erotic shower together.

Young Sunbathing Twinks Have Hard Anal In The Forest

Duration: 15m, 29s, Starring Luis, Lukas

(251 Votes)

Young studs Lukas and Luis take off into the forest one day at summer camp to do some private sunbathing. The guys strip down to their boxers next to each other, with a horny cocksucker Luis casting looks of undisguised lust in Lukas's direction. He makes his move, pulling down the skinny stud's underpants and taking his surprisingly long cock in his mouth. At first Lukas is shocked, knowing that some of the other boys could walk along at any moment - but that blow job is just too damn good! So hung Lukas lays the Mexican stud on his back, entering his ass and giving him a deep, hard fucking before he cums on the other man's balls.

Handsome Gunnar Masturbating In Outdoor

Duration: 9m, 33s, Starring Gunnar

(498 Votes)

Gunnar takes his cock out to the outside world, because there's nothing quite like him bringing out a massive dong and letting his hands work all the way around it. It's a rather hot scene that is going to keep on getting better and better as he strokes it. His dick is about to explode when he finally brings his hands down to his ass and starts playing with his hole. There's nothing like a bit of anal play to really get him started, as he shakes, shudders and moans in absolute pleasure at the masturbation he's having.

Blond Twink Max Can't Wait To Get This Dick In His Mouth

Duration: 17m, 46s, Starring Max, Rico Zaas

(296 Votes)

Hormonally charged blond twink Max has got a hard for straight acting stud Rico - and he's not letting the good looking alpha male out of his bedroom until he's had a piece of his cock! Rico plays it cool, whilst Max literally throws himself at him, aggressively taking off Rico's shirt and pants. Then Max gets busy with Rico's dick, sucking it hard while he grips it firmly at the base. However, before he gives up his ass, Max demands some oral attention of his own - so the straight acting stud gives him a hot and sloppy blow job that shows that he has done that before! It's only then that Max bends over, letting Rico do his tight butt.

Gay Buff Dudes Want Sperm On Their Faces

Duration: 15m, Starring Dakota, Seth Slavin

(375 Votes)

Dakota and Seth Slavin are gorgeous gay men who are definitely sporting quite a bit of hair down below. If you aren't feeling the smooth pube region that a lot of gay pornstars have, but you aren't really into bears, you're going to love these two. They have just the right combination to really pull you in and keep you happy to continue watching. They are driving their cocks in deep, making sure that those dongs are as hard as possible before they start with the stud fucking. You won't be able to take your eyes off of them.

Three Horny Twinks Indulge In A Group Anal Sex Session

Duration: 25m, 8s, Starring Dakota, Kaden Roads, Max

(587 Votes)

If you like your boys young, you're going to love this horny threesome! Dakota, Kaden and Max kick this one off completely nude, enjoying some hot mutual cocksucking. Although blond twink Max enjoys having a dick in his mouth at the beginning of the movie, the sex is surprisingly egalitarian, with the guys all swapping between top and bottom positions. Dakota rides the dick with his ass briefly, but it's Kaden who hogs the anal attention, getting buggered by both of the other guys. He is also horny for cum, lying on his back and masturbating as the other two young chaps jack themselves off all over his face, chest and tight abs.

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