Cum Slut Zovi Spits The Hot Jizz Load Into Milos' Mouth

Duration: 20m, 11s, Starring Milos, Zovi

(87 Votes)

Milos and Zovi get straight down to business in this hardcore gay cocksucking, anal and cumswapping video. Zovi is definitely the submissive bottom bitch in this one, wordlessly getting to his knees and taking his more muscular friend's dick in his mouth. He's probably just over 30, with a slightly receding hairline - and a veteran mouth that has probably sucked more dicks than you've had hot dinners! Zovi also takes it in the ass like a pro, riding to start with in cowgirl and then being finished off in doggy. He takes Milos' dick in his mouth at the end, sucking out the jizz then he swaps it with his boyfriend in a passionate cum kiss.

Horny Ass Whore Vlada Works Out Jizz Load With His Asshole

Duration: 19m, 54s, Starring Dado, Vlada

(164 Votes)

Vlada is just the ultimate cocksucker! This hairy and unassuming slut has got secret skills that you'll only find out about when you get him behind closed doors - the ability to suck a dick to the base, and then to take that long and slippery cock all the way up his shit hole! He hasn't got the most attractive ass in the world, with a hairy crack that looks like it needs a good clean, but his man Dado doesn't care once he is enveloped in that silky embrace! Vlada aggressively works his ass back and forth once Dado is inside him, looking up into his man's eyes to gauge how close he is to cumming. Then he takes the salty sperm down his throat!

Tight Ass Anal Slut Warms Up The Dick With His Horny Mouth

Duration: 19m, 29s, Starring Bili, Vlada

(70 Votes)

Skinny anal slut Bili certainly gets around! Dominant stud Vlada is the recipient of another of Bili's superb blowjobs, holding the submissive cocksucker by the back of the head with both hands and roughly fucking his mouth. There's no need to have to get nasty - Bili is the kind of horny slut who loves to deepthroat! Then the tight ass bitch lowers his butthole down on top of Vlada's now-slippery cock. Although there is plenty of saliva on the pole, the combination of Vlada's enormous size and Bili's tight hole still makes it a tight and somewhat painful fit! Bili finishes off with his mouth, taking the load down his throat.

Horny Cocksucker Sasa Jerks His Own Dick While Ass Fucked

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Andrija, Sasa

(94 Votes)

Brunette twink Sasa is the kind of horny fuck slut that every guy wants to get his hands on! Blond pimp Andrija doesn't have to do a damn thing as Sasa eagerly engulfs his dick with his mouth, slurping right down to Andrija's neatly trimmed ballsack. For such a young guy, he sure has got a hot cocksucking mouth! Then Sasa lies on his side, lifting his thigh and his cock and balls out of the way as Andrija enters him from the back, kissing him on the neck and licking his nipples. He starts up a rapid ass pumping, making Sasa moan as he gets butt fucked. The twink jerks his own little cock to try to get some satisfaction.

Horny Dick Slurper Gebo Is Desperate To Be Anally Filled

Duration: 20m, 12s, Starring Gebo, Momy

(99 Votes)

Bald headed cocksucker Gebo is desperate to have his mouth and his ass hole filled! However, his boyfriend Momy has also got a taste for semen - even if it's his own! The shaven headed stud goes down on his longer haired boyfriend, giving him a superb dick slurping blow job, getting the pole nice and wet with his mouth. Once the shaft is slippery with saliva, Gebo pulls the dick into his ass hole, thrusting his buttocks back against the pole and slapping his rear end against his boyfriend's groin. He rolls over onto his back, lifting his own ankles up around his ears so that he can be anally penetrated extremely deeply.

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