Gorgeous Dick Slurping Twink Takes A Stiff Prick In His Ass

Duration: 20m, 2s, Starring Milos, Sone

(102 Votes)

There's a huge grin on the face of expert gay fucker Milos as his new boyfriend goes down on him. Sone is an extremely good-looking young man, with a thick mop of hair on his head and an extremely cute face. But it's that mouth that is his best feature - or possibly it's his ass! He uses both of them with equal facility, eagerly going down on Milos and working his dick from the tip to the base. The anal is also a spectacular, with Sone wanking his own dick as he gets fucked in the ass. He starts to go quite red in the face, panting obvious Milos' long dick is directly stimulating his prostate and giving him great ass pleasure.

Horny Gay Anal Studs Share An Erotic Mouthful Of Sperm

Duration: 19m, 58s, Starring Sasa, Vlada

(94 Votes)

Skinny, hairy and not particularly attractive stud Vlada is back - and he is about to get it rough in the ass! He is definitely not the most handsome of males but he has got one or two sterling qualities namely, his ability to take it in the butt and also to extract a hot jizz load with his mouth! He can't wait to get his lips wrapped around the pole of younger and better looking stud Sasa, who barely has time to get his pants off before Vlada gobbles his prick. After the anal, with Sasa really letting go and ripping up Vlada's ass, he spunks right in the other man's mouth - then the two studs share a passionate and cum laden kiss.

Horny Gay Studs Share A Mouthful Of Hot Salty Sperm

Duration: 19m, 50s, Starring Vlada, Vlada

(82 Votes)

If you've ever fantasized about sharing a mouthful of sperm with your boyfriend then now is your chance to live out your dream! These two guys get straight into the action, with skinny stud Vlada going down on his beefy boyfriend and blowing him. He's got great skills, using one hand to stroke the dick while he suckles on the head, and then deepthroating. Then Vlada bends over the arm of the sofa, sticking out his pallid ass for a fucking. His buddy pushes down hard on his boyfriend's lower back, making him feel every inch of the cock as it slides in to his butt. Vlada takes the hot load in his mouth, sharing it back and forth with his man.

Horny Guys Exchange A Cum Filled Kiss After Hot Threesome

Duration: 19m, 57s, Starring Andrija, Mateya, Sasha

(215 Votes)

These horny studs love to use their mouths! Long haired and submissive cocksucker Sasha is in the middle once again, using his mouth on the erect poles of virile studs Andrija and Mateya. Blond Andrija also gets in on the action, using his own mouth to get his buddies off - but it's Sasha who gets all the anal loving! His two fuck buddies take turns riding him in the ass, holding him firmly by the hips and pushing down on the small of his back for the deepest penetration possible. Of course, they keep a dick in his mouth at all times! Sasha takes one cumload in his mouth, surprising blond Andrija by spitting it down his throat!

Football Hooligan Gebo Loves To Get It In His Tight Butt

Duration: 20m, 1s, Starring Andrija, Gebo

(153 Votes)

Just to look at these two guys, you would definitely think that shaven headed football hooligan Gebo would be the dominant top. Not so - despite his mop of sandy blond hair, Andrija turns out to be the ass fucker in this one! Gebo is very submissive as he goes down on his new blond boyfriend, working his dick right down to the testicles as Andrija puts a paternal hand on the back of his head. Then the shaven headed stud gives up his ass hole, pumped hard and deep by this well hung buddy. At the end, Gebo takes the shitty cock back in his mouth, sucking out the load and then spitting it straight back into Andrija's mouth - very sexy!

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