Executive Works Out His Frustrations On A Young Twink Ass

Duration: 17m, 56s, Starring Sean Diamond

(257 Votes)

If you're a hard-working executive businessman, the best way to get over your stress at the end of the day is to have a sexy, cock hungry toy boi waiting at home for you! This dominant executive stud jumps on top of young blond twink Sean on the bed, crushing him underneath his weight as he tears off his suit. Sean loves it when his man gets rough, gobbling down that hard dick right down to the base! Then, wanting to pleasure his hard-working daddy, young Sean pushes his boyfriend on to his back, straddling his cock and lowering his well tanned ass onto the meat. It's an extremely large dick, but Sean has got a very receptive ring piece!

Executive Bent Over And Ass Fucked In A Filthy Public Toilet

Duration: 14m, 11s, Starring Chad Knight, Mason Walker

(600 Votes)

Normally in his busy executive day to day life, handsome stud Chad Knight calls the shots. However, when he sees sexy street stud Mason in a public toilet, the situations are inexplicably reversed, and the executive ends up getting bent over and buggered over the filthy toilet seat! At first the guy suck each other off, with street stud Mason giving Chad a hot bareback cocksucking, and then sliding his own dick into the executive's throat. Chad is so caught up in the moment that he bends over as soon as Mason applies pressure to his back, giving up his sphincter for a hardcore bareback fuck with this well hung complete stranger.

He Sucks His Lover Hard So It Can Go Up His Booty

Duration: 12m, 49s, Starring Brian Maxx, Sean Diamond

(121 Votes)

Brian Maxx wants to introduce Sean Diamond to his big wiener, but hasn't had him alone and to himself long enough until now. Getting him naked and touching him all over in his bed, Sean gets the idea pretty quickly and pulls Brian's pole out for a quick go with his tongue before getting him naked too so they can really play! A little rimming is in order after the blowjobs to get their asses good and wet and lubricated before they go balls deep in one another. Fucking hard, the wad comes fast, and gets everywhere!

Hot Carpet Munchers Alec And David Wild Homosex

Duration: 13m, 53s, Starring Alec Powers, David York

(145 Votes)

Alec Powers and David York are partners in crime, so it's no wonder that they're close enough to want to start messing around with each other sexually. As they find that they're getting more and more turned on by each other, they're going to be exploring their lusts in a way that involves blowjobs for everyone. They're going for the gay 69, which you don't actually get to see all that often. It's a joy to watch, especially with two hunky men like this. They're also making sure to follow it up with a pounding that leaves them both breathless.

Hot Brunette Is Eager To Please

Duration: 19m, 12s, Starring Sean Diamond

(127 Votes)

Sean Diamond finds a hot brunette hunk who is very service orientated. He just wants to suck and slurp on that cock all day long, letting it slide down his mouth inch by inch until he's stiff as a board and ready to go. Before long, he finds himself driving that cock down to the back of the brunette's throat, making him almost choke and gag on it. Once Sean has had enough, he bends his eager friend over and starts pounding away without reservations in to that ass, letting his dick entirely take him over.

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