Two Gay Blondes Treat Themselves to Sausage for Dinner

Duration: 17m, 35s, Starring Joe Spears, Scott Hardesty

(100 Votes)

Joe Spears finds Scott Hardesty in bed instead of down at the gym, and can't understand why he didn't make it to their workout date. Scott loves the gym, but he just wasn't up to going out and dealing with other people that night, so Joe came to him, hard and ready! He pops into the bathroom to change into his signature speedo and when he comes back to the room Scott pulls it down so he can get at that huge vanilla popsicle! Spinning around on the bed, and rimming Joe is just the beginning of the hardcore anal Joe gets up to to cheer Scott back up!

Gay Teen Orgy as They Work Out

Duration: 11m, 18s, Starring Alec Powers, Eric York, Mack Reynolds, Rick Thomas, Scott Hardesty

(217 Votes)

Mack Reynolds, Eric York, Rick Thomas, Scott Hardesty and Alec Powers all went on to open gyms, and this is why. When they were younger, working out together to make it big as models and actors they found working out naked worked best. Nothing to slow you down or encumber you, plus there's nothing hotter than your training partner getting hard while they get built! While some of them worked one muscle group, those that needed a break worked their other muscles giving handjobs and blowjobs and toweling off the massive cumwads!

Mack Reynolds and Eric York Enjoy Outdoor Sex

Duration: 15m, 6s, Starring Eric York, Mack Reynolds

(157 Votes)

Mack Reynolds has quite a bit of game along with an absolutely gorgeous body, so he's going to be seducing Eric York as he's relaxing outside. What started out as a way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon ended up being one of the hottest sex sessions they have ever had with each other. They are sucking and slurping at each other, with a mouthful of cock that shows off just how big their dicks are. When they finally do get down to the business of sex, they are already ready to cum across the lawn in pleasure.

Gay Coppers Beating Their Night Sticks

Duration: 14m, Starring Alec Powers, Tony Hampton

(129 Votes)

Tony Hampton wants to introduce Alex Powers to his huge wang, but hasn't had him alone and to himself long enough until now. Getting him naked and touching him all over in his office, Alec gets the idea pretty quickly and pulls Tony's tallywacker out for a quick go with his tongue before getting him naked too so they can really play! A little rimming is in order after the blowjobs to get their butts good and wet and lubricated before they go balls deep in one another. Slamming hard, the spunk comes fast, and gets everywhere!

Jail Guard Lets Prisoner Out Of His Cell For Hot Anal Fuck

Duration: 18m, 11s, Starring Rick Thomas, Scott Wilder

(148 Votes)

Scott is stuck in jail for the night, but he's got a crafty plan for escape! He strips naked and stands at the bars as guard Rick walks past the blond guard can't resist taking in an eyeful of Scott's hot body. The two studs suck each other through the bars and then Rick agrees to let Scott out for some ass fucking. At first Scott gets bent over against the bars and sodomized - then he does the same thing to horny Rick! He goes wild on the guard's ass, holding him upside down and tearing his ass up with his rock hard boner. Afterwards, Rick huddles on the ground with jizz leaking from his butt - so Scott grabs the keys and runs off!

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