Young Stud Anally Fingered Until Orgasm

Duration: 33m, 49s, Starring Jerod Stevens

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Good-looking young stud Jerod is ready and willing to be initiated into the fraternity! He starts the video blindfolded, but doesn't look too surprised when the pledge master takes off the blindfold, showing Jerod that he's on display in front of the assembled fraternity - and the video camera! Jerod puts his hands behind his back, keeping his singlet elevated so that the collected guys can see his cock and balls. The pledge master pumps his dick, jerking hard and fast; then Jerod bends over to have his ass fingered to an orgasm! The massaging motion of the pledge master's fingers on his prostate soon has Jerod gushing all over the place.

Young Frat Stud Has His Dick Pumped Off

Duration: 18m, 50s, Starring Danny

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Young stud Danny got a bit cocky during the initiation, so he gets to start in the back room. You don't get to see the pledge master's face in this video; instead we just see his disembodied hands reaching around to jack off young Danny. Danny has an excellent big thick cock which reaches up well past his belly button. He gets his dick pumped and he also gets his ass fingered by the pledge master, who lubes up his rubber glove with some lubricant and slides his middle finger right inside. Then he goes back to the cock action, making the pledge cum. The jizz dribbles down his fingers - it's a nice thick load that probably tastes great!

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