Mutual Cocksucking In Back Of Limousine

Duration: 19m, 10s, Starring Alexander Zorin, Leon Paiva

(250 Votes)

Young backpacking studs Leon and Alexander aren't used to staying at plush hotels, and they are doubly surprised when they are mistakenly led into a limousine parked in the front of their hotel! They're not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, jumping in and telling the driver to speed away before anyone can realize the mistake. In the back of their luxurious limousine, the two good-looking young guys high five each other, and then in their passion they end up taking off their clothes and blowing each other! These guys have got fantastic bodies, the perfect mix of slimness and muscularity - along with a pair of amazing dicks!

Massive Oral Cumshots In Middle Of Cafe

Duration: 16m, 23s, Starring Jack Dyanne, Patrick Veselsky

(210 Votes)

After a first successful sexual encounter, dominant stud Jack takes his new boyfriend Patrick out for a meal at the local cafe. The two guys are led to their table, which is conveniently a corner booth. As the waiter leaves them to read the menu, the guys can't keep their eyes - or their hands - off each other! These virile studs aren't going to satisfy themselves with just playing footsie underneath the table, pulling out their dicks and sucking each other off right then and there! The two men deepthroat each other and end up spurting all over each others' faces and clothes, quickly cleaning themselves up before the waiter returns.

Submissive Dude Wants Raw Cock Creampie

Duration: 12m, 59s, Starring Jack Dyanne, Patrick Veselsky

(175 Votes)

Horny bare bottom twink Patrick can't believe his luck when he meets tall, unshaven and gorgeous stud Jack on an Internet dating site. He has to pinch himself when Jack turns up at his door - he must be dreaming, because this is the hottest piece of man meat he has ever seen! He aggressively pulls Jack in the doorway, literally tearing off his clothes in his haste to get the handsome stud's prick in his mouth. It's an enormous cock - this sexy blond is the perfect package! Patrick gets the hardcore anal slamming that he craves, tearing off the condom part way through so that he can experience the joy of a raw cock being shoved up his ass.

Motorcycle Fuck In Basement Of Sex Club

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Mauricio, Walter Carrera

(134 Votes)

Both Mauricio and Walter are straight businessmen in this exotic European city for only a weekend. The two strangers meet each other at an erotic gay club, dancing topless together under the strobe lights and getting more and more aroused. This particular club has sex rooms for hire by the hour. They are themed, so the two guys select a motorcycle chamber for their hardcore sex. There is a gorgeous Harley Davidson parked in the corner of the room, and the guys use this as a platform for all kinds of degenerate oral and anal fucking. The two men hammer each other in the butt, with plenty of filthy ass to mouth action as well!

Football Stud Delivers An Angry Fucking

Duration: 10m, 45s, Starring Derrick Ryder, Lubos

(163 Votes)

This young blond twink will fuck anything that moves! He is slowly working his way through every gay - or even curious - guy at college, and today he is going to get reamed in the ass by football stud Derrick. Derrick's buddies would ridicule him if they knew that he was going to fuck a horny queer in the ass, so he sneaks into the blond twink's room in the dead of night. He doesn't even completely disrobe, just pulling off his shorts so he is at least partially clothed in case the couple gets busted! He gets a hot cocksucking from the blond, and then he bends him over and slams him angrily in his tender ass with virtually no lube.

Young Gays Have Seedy Hotel Rendezvous

Duration: 20m, 4s, Starring Paul Keegan, Sam Small

(205 Votes)

Good looking college boys Paul and Sam are all American students, and none of their friends know that they are having a secret homosexual relationship. In order to keep things a secret, the guys plan a seedy hotel rendezvous, snatching a bit of passion every moment that they can. Paul is already in the room when Sam turns up late, so instead of being angry, Paul just drags Sam into the bed and starts to kiss him, shoving his hands down the front of Sam's tight blue jeans. The two men suck each other extensively, with the camera zooming in close so that you can really appreciate their long, thick and perfectly shaped cocks.

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