Horny Gym Studs Suck And Fuck Poolside And By The Beach

Duration: 45m, 25s, Starring Fabrice Felder, Fernando Nielsen, Ray Phillips, Tim Brensen

(981 Votes)

If you love hot body guys and tiny swimsuits then this clip is for you! Hardcore gay sex occurs in several different locations first we see a pair of dudes getting it on poolside, with some great swim suit shots, and we also see some hot fucking at the beach. There's also some superb action that happens behind closed doors, with a cute shaven headed twink sucking off his more muscular and older partner. Every single dude in this video has got an amazing body - there are rippling biceps, toned chests and washboard abdominals galore! All of these dudes also have magnificent cocks - even the submissive ass fucked twinks are well hung!

Sensational Muscle Studs Have Public Ass Sex On Their Boat

Duration: 18m, 32s, Starring Fabrice Felder, Fernando Nielsen

(366 Votes)

The bodies on these two European studs are fucking incredible! It's obvious that both of these hot guys spend a lot of time at the gym - just look at those fucking muscles! Blond stud Fernando loves to get it in the butt, although he insists on a hot cocksucking from brunette Fabrice before he gets drilled in his rear end. The action takes place in broad daylight on an expensive boat in the middle of the harbor the guys are in sight of land and could probably be seen by other sea farers. There's nothing hotter than seeing two extraordinarily handsome and well muscled guys pump each others' dicks - except for watching them cum!

Queer Three Way On A Boat That Is Totally Real

Duration: 21m, 15s, Starring Brian Alstare, Jack Laurel, Tony Magera

(678 Votes)

Brian Alstare has been needing a boat ride for a while. His job has been getting to him, and the sea breeze is just what he needs to calm his nerves and get him back in the game. When Jack Laurel and Tony Magera ask if they can come along he's a little hesitant. He doesn't know they've noticed how stressed he's been over the last few days, and want to help in the best way possible. Once he agrees and they get out on the open water Jack takes off his bathing suit and on cue so does Tony. Brian is in for the ride of his life!

Three Sexy Guys Turn Their Vacation Into Pure Awesome

Duration: 27m, 24s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Fred Goldsmith, Leslie Manzel

(575 Votes)

Claudio Antonelli, Fred Goldsmith and Leslie Manzel are off on vacation and enjoying the beaches, but what they really wanted to enjoy was each other's asses. They find a nice, secluded spot right off of the beaten path so that they can go ahead and beat off to each other for a nice change of pace. They're sucking and fucking all over the place, taking those cocks deep down their throats as they get to sucking. They just love going absolutely crazy over those dicks, knowing that no one is going to disturb them.

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