Fred Goldsmith and Friends Enjoy Gay Sex

Duration: 26m, 27s, Starring Adrian Bradshaw, Fred Goldsmith, Johnny Weiss, Paul Skerrit

(1001 Votes)

Fred Goldsmith has one of the hardest, hunkiest bodies around and he's making sure to put it to good use with his friends. Paul Skerrit, Johnny Weiss and Adrian Bradshaw are in the mood for a good, hard and lusty fucking on his couch so they head on over for the gay foursome. These guys know that they're going to be getting some of the hardest dick that they know, and they also want to make sure that they're going on a never ending sex adventure with this gay groupsex fun. So much cock is getting sucked that these men are just going absolutely insane.

Hot Tub Turns Ito Gay Love Club

Duration: 22m, 34s, Starring Claudio Antonelli, Luciano Endino, Martin Bonetti, Roberto Girogio

(2462 Votes)

Claudio Antonelli, Luciano Endino, Martin Bonetti and Roberto Girogio are always in the mood for some hot and hunky gay sex, but they weren't quite sure where their daily activities should take place. It turns out that the guys are going to be heading down to the hot tub, letting their cocks come out and do the talking. These lusty men turn that hot tub into a gay sex club, with their hard cocks cutting through the water and driving them all absolutely crazy. The group sex action is great to watch as well, especially as these men just keep getting overwhelmed with their lusty gay sex passions.

Business Hunks Have Wild Foursome

Duration: 25m, 39s, Starring Giancarlo Laforet, Leslie Manzel, Randy Jones, Roger Mantegna

(717 Votes)

Leslie Manzel is not the type of man who half asses things in life or love. He gets together three of his coworkers, all hunky guys like himself, and they take to the nearest couch they can find. Randy Jones, Giancarlo Laforet and Roger Mantegna are all over each other, letting their hands and cocks do the talking as they get more and more worked up. As they find themselves reaching the heights of gay passion together, they know that they're going to end up covering the entire room with their gay groupsex cum.

Horny Studs Love Their Hallway Threesome

Duration: 17m, 48s, Starring Charles Cromenberg, Fernando Nielsen, Jonathan Collins

(708 Votes)

Charles Cromenberg, Fernando Nielsen and Jonathan Collins are not even bothering to get to the bedroom before they start their threesome. In fact, they aren't bothering to get to a place with any furniture. Instead this lusty trio is going to be fucking in the middle of the hall, letting their cocks do the talking as they get in to a position where everyone gets what they want. These guys are especially ready for a hard ass pounding, so the two that want to be bottoms take the cock while the other guy goes around and gets everything that he wants.

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