Horny Cocksucker Bounces On A Hung Dude

Duration: 25m, 53s, Starring Fabrice Felder, Jack Laurel

(190 Votes)

This awesome gay sex movie starts off with some mutual masturbation as well muscled studs Fabrice and Jack pump each others' dicks. These horny jocks have both got nice stiff willies, but Fabrice's is a lot larger than his boyfriend's. Jack gets to his knees, blowing the dominant stud and then bending over submissively, sticking out his ass and begging for a butt fucking. However, Faprice just lies back, and inviting Jack to come and impale himself anally on his extremely thick meat. Soon Jack is riding the pole in reverse cowgirl, stroking his own dribbling cock, loving the intense prostate stimulation. What a horny cocksucker!

Muscle Stud Takes Huge Cock In His Ring

Duration: 33m, 34s, Starring Fernando Nielsen, Rick Perry

(338 Votes)

In this historical period porn movie, two extremely good-looking studs, Fernando and Rick, sit around smoking the hookah. All of a sudden the guys are naked, rubbing their hard bodies together and kissing each other excitedly on the lips. It turns out that Rick, who is slightly bulkier and more muscular than his partner, is the submissive one, having his asshole licked and then fucked by Fernando. It's a straight to the point screwing, first in doggy and then with Rick rolling over and jerking himself off while Fernando fucks him from the top. Fernando spunks right inside Rick's tight ass while the other man jerks himself off.

Plenty Of Big Cocks In This Six Man Orgy

Duration: 22m, 36s, Starring Christopher Montana, Claudio Antonelli, Gilbert Bosco, Nico Luccini, Renato Bellagio, Tony Magera

(375 Votes)

If you love hot, hung guys with great bodies, you will definitely get off watching the six man orgy! Every single player in this video has got an amazing body, the kind of frame that would easily get them into the most high-class porn mags. The action is completely uninhibited and extremely well lit so you can see every inch of those glistening cocks disappearing into a variety of mouths and assholes. With six dudes in the video, there are plenty of opportunities for all kinds of inventive positions, with three-way penetration and even some four way big cock fucking for you to see. Of course, there are also six humongous cumshots!

Dirty Gay Sex Starts With Mutual Oral

Duration: 23m, Starring Roberto Giorgio, Tony Magera

(251 Votes)

This exotic gay fuck movie starts off with some mutual oral between studs Roberto and Tony. Both of these dudes, who looks quite similar, have got epic bodies - these guys must spend a lot of time working out! Wouldn't you love to have rippling biceps or toned abs like these guys? The men suck each other off, including some excellent rim job action as they eat out each others' buttholes. Then it's anal sex time; Roberto lies on his side while Tony slides in behind him, easing his stiff, dribbling cock bareback into Roberto's butt. He starts up a steady pumping, gradually driving his prick further and further into his boyfriend's ass.

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