Young Dude Ass Fucked By Grey Haired Man

Duration: 17m, 22s, Starring Andreas, Rico Suave

(419 Votes)

This young man doesn't know what to think when his older employer invites him over to his house after hours. At first he thinks that his supervisor is just going to want to discuss more work stuff, but when the older man walks into the kitchen wearing nothing but his underwear, the younger guy knows that there is something fishy going on! He doesn't know what to think as the grey haired gent falls to his knees, pulling the young man's cock out of his pants and eagerly swallowing it. It feels so good that the younger stud feels compelled to pay him back, finally bending over the kitchen counter to receive a hardcore butt fucking.

Young Latino Lad Ass Fucks Older Man

Duration: 18m, 17s, Starring Justin Harper, Raul

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This sex starved husband has been in a frenzy ever since his son convinced him to get a foreign student to stay in their house. This beautiful Mexican boy has been driving him crazy, and one night that he can finally stand it no longer. He walks in to the Mexican boy's room, confronting him in the nude. Far from being shocked, the exotic Latino stud welcomes him with open arms, engaging in a mutual cocksucking-fest with the older stud. Then the horny dad finally gets his dream, as the strapping the Mexican lad bends him over and fucks them in his tight rear end. After a hard fucking, the younger man spunks on the father's stomach.

College Stud Butt Fucks Horny Older Guy

Duration: 21m, 14s, Starring Ethan Cooper, Jeff

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A college stud is staying the night at his buddy's house. He is in the bathroom late one night, taking care of his ablutions, standing there stark naked. Just then, his buddy's dad walks in, also suspiciously in the nude! At first the college student is embarrassed, and he stands there covering himself. Then he can't help but notice the appreciative gaze that he is receiving from his buddy's dad, and he stands there proudly as the older man gets on his knees and sucks. The college student ends up plowing this older piece of ass, gripping the dad firmly by the hips and sodomising him. Lucky the son doesn't walk in and see his dad getting fucked!

Older Gent Rides Young Brown Stud's Cock

Duration: 20m, 56s, Starring Jade, Scott Mann

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An older white man has seduced one of his son's young ethnic friends. He gets the brown boy over to his house, desperate for a piece of that brown meat. The submissive young homosexual gets down on his knees, squatting between the father's thighs and gobbling down that Caucasian prick. The dad pays his young protege back, swallowing his dick. Then surprisingly the dad bends over, pulling his butt cheeks apart and begging for anal. The young ethnic boy is thrilled, spitting on the old man's butt and ramming it in balls deep. Soon the older Caucasian man is riding the dick enthusiastically, impaling himself again and again.

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