Hunky Men are All About Rimjobs

Duration: 26m, 30s, Starring Johnny, Mike

(366 Votes)

Mike and Johnny are as hunky as they come, and they just so happen to be in a contest to see who is the finest rimmer in the land. Needless to say, this is a designation that any gay man is going to want to hold, so these two are going to be getting themselves all hot, bothered and worked up to try and claim the prize. It's a rather hot and wild ride that has them both stiff as a board, and their cocks are way too big to ever take your eyes off of them. In addition to the rimming you'll see plenty of kisses, caressing and hardcore fucking.

Gay Stripper Loves To Get Rimmed

Duration: 26m, 31s, Starring Adam Faust, Christian Owen

(533 Votes)

If there's one thing that gay porn really needs more of, it's rimming, and passionate rimming at that. Christian Owen and Adam Faust are all over each other, with a sexy strip tease that leads to oh so much more. The balls come flying out in this one, and the rimming action starts almost immediately. It's a hot and heavy kind of time that leaves these two moaning, groaning and going absolutely wild with desire for one another. The best part is all of the rim job close ups that will leave your dick stiff as a board.

Kyle Richards Uses Special Rim Seat

Duration: 24m, 29s, Starring Kyle Richards

(397 Votes)

There's a first time for everything in porn, and I have to say that this is probably the first time that I've ever seen a specialty rimming seat coming into play. It's hot as hell and you're never going to want to take your eyes off of the action once they bring that out. Kyle Richards is looking fine as hell, and you'll be treated to a great looking view on that sweet ass as he is rimming it. I don't know where they got the rimming platform, but it's probably one of the most unique things you'll ever see in gay porn.

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