Short Haired Studs Suck And Fuck

Duration: 19m, 3s, Starring Bobby Valino, Gerald Tremor

(231 Votes)

No words are exchanged between these two hot guys, because they've got their eyes on the prize! Bobby and Gerald are too busy taking off each other's clothes to speak, both knowing just what they want to do in order to have some fun. Bobby starts sucking on Gerald's hard cock, plunging his dick all the way down his mouth and throat until his lips are tickling his balls. When he's completely swollen, he bends over to take him all the way in his ass, as he pushes every inch until he disappears inside of him. It's amazing when he gets on top of him and rides his stiffy, and then when he's ready to cum, he sucks him off until he explodes.

Horny Gay Guy Pounded In His Mouth & Ass

Duration: 19m, 21s, Starring Andrew Towers, Mark Urban

(89 Votes)

That is definitely the right chair to kick off some hot gay loving, because you have no choice by to lay close to one another! Mark and Andrew start with some cuddling that moves to heavy petting, which of course moves to removing their clothes as quickly as possible. Andrew takes Mark's cock in his mouth as soon as he lays eyes on that dick, sucking and stroking while both of them moan loud. He can really fill his mouth with that cock! It's nothing compared to the way his ass can be packed with cock, as he opens up wide for his hung gay lover. He strokes himself while he's getting fucked, and then takes a blast of hot cream in his mouth.

Young Guys Have Hot One Nighter

Duration: 18m, 12s, Starring Dean O, Mark Urban

(192 Votes)

These two young studs hook up for a steamy one night stand. Both of them have done this before, kissing briefly on the couch and then stripping naked in a rather mechanical fashion, eager to get down to business. They naturally delineate in to top and bottom, with one guy sitting back in a disinterested manner while the other eagerly sucks him off. Then the cocksucker straddles his man, easing the stiff prick, still wet with his own saliva, up his own butt. He begins to bounce and grind enthusiastically. Eventually the top takes over, pushing forward on his buddies lower back until he assumes a doggy-style position.

Gay Guy Opens Wide For Some Hard Dick

Duration: 18m, 43s, Starring Gerald Tremor, Mike Santon

(122 Votes)

There's some heavy petting going on here, as Mike and Gerald are making each other's dicks grow in their pants. With all of that teasing, it's no wonder why they're peeling out of their clothes as quickly as they are! Mike sees Gerald's swelling member and desires to make it harder, so he grabs it and bobs his head up and down his shaft, stroking it and making it swell up to the max in his mouth. His ass was ready to be plowed, so he offered it up to him in his chair and took him as deep as he wanted it to go, feeling his balls slap against his ass cheeks. After getting on top and bending over, he sucked him again to taste his hot cum.

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