Hunks Tasting Their Own Cumshots

Duration: 19m, 54s, Starring Andrew Towers, Mike Santon

(105 Votes)

Mike Santon and Andrew Towers are two rather delicious guys who have a rather nasty habit - they love to cum swap with each other. Now I don't know if you've watched a gay cumswapping scene before, but it is truly nasty and hardon inducing all at the same time. Of course you do have a lot of time to enjoy the scene before they get to that point, and then all you can do is watch in amazement as they keep on licking and kissing each other with a big swallow of semen in their mouths. Eventually they have swallowed it down.

Slender Twinks Getting Nasty with Cum

Duration: 19m, 50s, Starring Aaron Carpenter, Tony Milan

(107 Votes)

Tony Milan and Aaron Carpenter are these tasty near twink guys that have an affinity for being rather nasty with each other. They always like trying out new things to keep the bedroom antics fun, and today they are going to go with snowballing. Now I don't know about you, but I don't see snowballing too often so it's certainly an interesting theme to have as the main feature of this gay porno. I also love watching them going at it, but I'd be lying if I wasn't just waiting for the end to see what happened.

Cum Swapping Gay Boys Love Ass To Mouth

Duration: 18m, 18s, Starring Chip Lawson, Mark Urban

(103 Votes)

These horny homosexuals can't wait to get some dick in their mouths. They also loves to taste a man's hot load. They begin by stripping off on the couch, giving each other an erotic massage and kissing passionately. One guy has a seriously receding hairline, but they both have got nice cocks and well toned bodies. They suck each other for a while, and then one guy lies on his side while his friend rams his stiff prick into his ass. The guy who is getting fucked doesn't get an erection, but you can tell by the way he moans that he enjoys being fucked. When his buddy is ready, he sucks the cum out and then the boys swap back and forth.

Lusty Hunks Get Nasty and Swap

Duration: 19m, 14s, Starring Aaron Carpenter, Reg Peters

(164 Votes)

Peg Peters and Aaron Carpenter are fucking insane when they get in the sack. They attack each other's dicks, working their mouths up and down nice and slow. They could not do anything but just keep moaning from the pleasure as it gets more and more intense. After the dick sucking, Aaron ends up sliding his asshole down onto Reg's dick, and at the end they decided to go with a snowballing finish. Now that's the type of finish that I would love to see these gay guys doing more often. Just watch it for yourself to see.

Gay Threesome Going for Snowballs

Duration: 20m, 9s, Starring Andrew Towers, Jason Ross, Mike Santon

(183 Votes)

Mike Santon, Jason Ross, and Andrew Towers have always wanted to try out a gay threesome, and today they finally got the chance to get enough time alone to do their nasty deeds. They strip down right away, and before long all of their dicks are nice and hard. They start sucking right away, with Jason in the middle handling both of these cocks. Then they end up finding out just how hot fucking in a threesome was, and after a long and intense fucking session they end up snowballing each other to another climax.

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