Gay Studs Snowballing Each Other

Duration: 19m, 4s, Starring Aaron Carpenter, Bobby Valino

(133 Votes)

One thing that you don't see a lot of in gay porn is snowballing - yet we know everyone does it, so why isn't it in more porn? Aaron Carpenter and Bobby Valino are doing their best to make up for this lack, and they certainly are going to go ahead and do that shit in style. They are both gorgeous studs with nicely muscled bodies, along with big dicks that make the sucking and fucking some of the hottest I've ever watched. They end up covered in their own and each other's come in a rather nasty snowball.

Lusty Euro Gay Hotties Licking Cum

Duration: 19m, 54s, Starring Jason Ross, Mike Santon

(83 Votes)

Mike Santon and Jason Ross are into snowballing in a very big way, and they just love to do it in front of the camera as well. They are attacking those sweet dicks with their lips, working their mouths slowly up and down each other's shafts. Mike ends up bending over for Jason, but they don't end with a creampie. Nope, they cum in each other's mouths and then swap back and forth. They really get turned on more by this than anything else, and before long they are moaning and quivering in pleasure.

Amateur Gay Hotties Riding Dicks

Duration: 19m, 24s, Starring Kelly Breeze, Mike Santon

(74 Votes)

Mike Santon and Kelly Breeze enjoy adding all sorts of kinky shit into their gay sex sessions, and one of these things happens to be swapping. They just love to taste their own cum in their mouth after it has been mixed in with their partner, and it also gives them that dirty, nasty feeling that gets them off more than anything they could ever imagine. Of course, it also goes to show that they can control themselves even while bouncing up and down on a thick cock - they will go and then pull out and spray deep in their throats.

Gay Threesome with Nasty Snowballing

Duration: 18m, 45s, Starring Aaron Carpenter, Andrew Towers, Neil Sams

(135 Votes)

If you don't know what snowballing is, it's when your partner takes your cum and puts it back into your mouth. Now if that isn't dirty, nasty, and downright delicious, I don't know what is. Today Andrew Towers, Aaron Carpenter, and Neil Sams are going after each other with a revenge. I don't know how long they have lusted after each other, but it shows through in the fierceness of this gay threesome. Their asses get split wide with dicks, and they end up swapping all of their cum back and forth between each other.

Slender Amateur Gay Guys Getting Dirty

Duration: 19m, 9s, Starring Andrew Towers, Neil Sams

(165 Votes)

Andrew Towers and Neil Sams have never tried to swap their cum before, but today is the day that they want to try it out for the first time. They were going to stick with blowjobs to start off with, but they can't control themselves as they go, so they end up in an intense lovemaking session. However that doesn't put off their plans for the cum swapping. Andrew just pulls out and feeds his cum into Neil's mouth, while Neil does the same - then they start kissing and plunging their tongues into each other's mouths.

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