Army Inspection Turns To Cocksucking

Duration: 13m, 56s, Starring Carlos Baxter, Daniel Paxton, Dean Edwards, Mark Vlady, Tim Brensen

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In this dirtyarmy squad, the officers rule. Today, two deviant officers, dressed in their full military uniform and looking quite sexy, order four privates to strip nude for a surprise medical inspection. Of course, the four young studs have to do what they are told, and they drop their trousers immediately. The officers smirk as they survey the semierect cocks, going up and down the line and tugging on each one in turn, making contemptuous comments as they go. Of course, this horny scene degenerates into a hardcore cocksucking session, with everyone sucking the cock of everyone else. It's a frenzy of delicious oral sex!

Prison Dudes Have Four Man Anal Sandwich

Duration: 18m, 11s, Starring Carlos Shannon, Dean Edwards, Federico Johnson, Mark Vlady, Tim Brensen

(615 Votes)

Hey, life in prison can't be that bad! In this group for men, there are five guys stuck in a room together. The action is fast and furious, opening on a hardcore foursome as the guys pair off and sodomise each other while the fifth man watches and masturbates. The highlight of the scene has got to be the four-man sandwich, as the four dudes lie one in front of the other and simultaneously fuck each others' asses. It's quite a sight to see, not the kind of thing that you see every day! In fact, you will be scarred for life! After this, the muscular studs stand in a line and a jerk off all over each others' hot bodies.

Prison Boss Orders Kitchen Boys To Fuck

Duration: 29m, 46s, Starring Federico Johnson, Raul Mathews, Renato Bellagio, Ricardo Neston, Roberto Giorgio

(567 Votes)

This dirtyprison officer is sitting at home looking through some gay porn mags. He finds himself so aroused that he heads back down to the prison in full uniform to order an unexpected inspection. He chooses the kitchen boys as his target, knowing that there are a few good hunks who happen to work there. There are three men on duty, and he orders them to strip down nude and get to work - on each other! There are a few memorable scenes in this clip, including when one guy is standing with the other two kneeling on either side, one sucking his erect and dribbling cock while the other is licking his brown chocolate starfish.

Four Gay Guys Have Hot Anal For Fun

Duration: 24m, 47s, Starring Carlos Baxter, Fabrice Felder, Rick Bauer, Rick Perry

(1451 Votes)

All four of these lonely studs are so bored of their daily routine and they want to fuck! Fabrice Felder, Rick Perry, Carlos Baxter and Rick Bauer are all stuck in a room but one man decides that they all need a break. He jumps on top of a desk and another stud comes over and starts giving him head. Then a train begins to form as all four hot guys start sucking each others' dicks. Finally clothes start coming off and that's when things get really interesting. Three guys take turns ripping their hard dicks into the smallest twink's asshole, until there's sticky jizz everywhere.

Hung Cellmates' Gay Fuck-Fest In Prison

Duration: 25m, 4s, Starring Federico Johnson, Fernando Nielsen, Julian Vincenzo, Ray Phillips

(1287 Votes)

Our prison guard inspects the cellmates with his billy club before demanding to be sucked. That's just the beginning, before you know it Fernando Nielsen, Julian Vincenzo, Federico Johnson, and Ray Phillips are in a full-on fuck-fest. Throbbing hard cocks are everywhere and in need of some serious sucking and fucking. These hung studs know how to get it done, working each other down the love canal and filling their mouths with massive cocks. Cum starts spurting just in time to avoid the jailhouse boss. This will make your cock explode!

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