Two Guys Enjoy Some Sun And Hard Dick

Duration: 17m, 47s, Starring Alex Bana, Jake Roberts

(97 Votes)

Jake Roberts and Alex Bana were out on a hike during a hot summer day. They got up to a secluded spot, got naked and soaked up the sun. Alex decided to treat Jake with a nice wet blowjob. He knelt down, sucked his cock and got him as hard as the rocks they were climbing. Jake bent Alex over boulder, grabbed his shoulders and drilled him right in the ass. He fucked him deep and hard with long steady strokes. Both guys were so turned on it didn't take long until they were both ready to pop so they sat down on the rock, stroked their tools and saw who could shoot their load the furthest.

Muscle Bound Gay Hotties Outside

Duration: 21m, 57s, Starring Michael Vista, Sergio

(142 Votes)

Michael Vista and Sergio are two of the hottest gay guys you are ever going to lay your eyes on. They have such glorious tight muscles, along with dicks that are instantly hard when they see each other. They meet each other outside, in a random water fountain. I don't know whose place they are at, but this is a rather romantic locale for the pair. They start off by kissing and stroking each other, but soon enough that dick is dipping deep inside of their mouths and succulent tight asses - yummy for sure!

Tanned Gay Studs Have Hot Suck And Fuck

Duration: 15m, 7s, Starring James Peterson, Raphael Shawn

(305 Votes)

Two horny cocksuckers come together at a sunny tropical resort for an afternoon of sordid homosexual suck and fuck action. The two studs begin by admiring each other across the tennis court, stripped to the waist. They get it on underneath the palm trees, having a hot oral 69 followed by some urgent doggystyle fucking. They move into a shady amphitheatre, with one guy lying on a bench while the other squats to take it in his butt. He bounces up and down with wild abandon, loving the feeling of that stiff prick in his anus and desperate to feel the warm gush of his partner's semen in his rear end. The two men end up jizzing on one another.

Brad Pittman Jerks Off Outdoors

Duration: 4m, 50s, Starring Brad Pittman

(77 Votes)

Brad Pittman has a body that won't quit. He is strong, fit and has a nice long, thick prick. He stood nude on the balcony of his house showing off his abs and rubbing his dick until his dick got rock hard and he knew he had to finish the job he had started. He started to stroke his tool, slowly at first but quickly building up speed. His cock started to throb with pleasure so he sat down on the nearby stairs, gripped his dick hard and really went to town. As he came he shot his hot load three feet down the stairs. He milked himself dry then hit the showers.

Cocksucking Gays Have Hot Hotel Fuck

Duration: 19m, 26s, Starring Brad Slater, Corbin Michaels

(223 Votes)

A good-looking and muscular stud is sunbathing completely nude poolside at a luxury hotel. A rich older stud with a severely receding hairline has been admiring him from the pool, and finally he makes his move. He glides one hand over the man's cock as he walks past, beckoning to him and luring him inside the hotel room for some more action. The guys indulge in some hot mutual oral, slurping on each others' pricks until they are dribbling wet and ready for anal. The older man is in seventh heaven as the attractive stud lowers himself slowly onto his friend's pole, grinding up and down with his extremely tight anus.

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