Three Army Guys Go At It With Each Other

Duration: 20m, 4s, Starring Alex James, Gordon Rammer, Iain O'Keefe

(144 Votes)

We are greeted by three army guys who have plans for one another. These guys are hot and horny for each other. Before long all their clothes are off and one is fucking ones ass while the one getting fucked is jerking and sucking the other guy off. They continue on this way for a bit before one lays down and another sits on top of his dick and the one left out jerks off to the two guys fucking. At one point one guys is fucking ones ass, while the other two are in the sixty nine position sucking each others long hard dicks. Then one guy is on the ground alternating between sucking and giving a hand job to the other two.

Two Fit Gay Guys Fuck On A Boat

Duration: 16m, 18s, Starring Fabrice Felder, Fernando Nielsen

(481 Votes)

Fabrice Felder and Fernando Nielsen were laying out on a boat enjoying the sun and sea and having a good time. Fabrice reached over and started rubbing Fernando's cock through his trunks. The started kissing and feeling each others fit bodies. They started rolling around then Fabrice started sucking on Fernando's cock. Once he was hard he bent over and let him slam his dick in him. As he fucked him he reached around and started stroking his cock. He pounded and stroking him until they were both ready to cum then they pulled out and came at the same time.

Three Guys Smoking And Fucking

Duration: 16m, 41s, Starring Gordon Rammer, John Quincy, Ronaldo Rivera

(104 Votes)

Gordon Rammer, John Quincy and Ronaldo Rivera were sitting around smoking from the hookah pipe and having a good time. They got tired of sucking on the pipe and decided to start sucking on some dick. The guys dropped their robes and started sucking and stroking each other then they formed a line with each of the guys taking a turn and fucking the other guys in the butt. The guys all fucked and sucked and got crazy with each other then as they were ready to cum they all shot loads all over each other then got back to the hookah pipe.

Four Guys Take A Break And Fuck

Duration: 22m, 54s, Starring Alex Vanderburg, Ibrahim, Juan Ramirez, Lester Macdonald

(69 Votes)

Alex Vanderburg, Ibrahim, Lester Macdonald and Juan Ramirez were working packing parachutes then they decided to take a break. A couple of them started jacking off and feeling good so the other joined in. It wasn't long until all of them were naked and sucking on each others cocks. They sucked and stroked their tools then the guys paired off and started fucking. They drilled each others asses out and stroked cocks as they got fucked. The guys all pounded and fucking and stroked and sucked until they couldn't hold out any longer. They all shot their loads then got back to work.

Gay Medical Fetish with Wrestlers

Duration: 23m, 32s, Starring Gordon Rammer, Guy De Champlain, Richard Landon, Roger Allan

(301 Votes)

Wrestling is a gay man's dream - all of that tight spandex and total hotties grappling all over each other. I don't know about you, but that's one hell of a hot thought to me. Gordon Rammer seems to have a problem, but Richard Landon, Guy De Champlain, and Roger Allan are more than happy to help him figure out what's wrong. This is mild when it comes to medical fetish, but it is might hot when it comes to gay group sex with a bunch of horny jock wrestlers. You have got to watch this one - it's hotter than your wildest fantasy.

Picnic Cocksuckers Fuck Thru The Night

Duration: 17m, 8s, Starring Ricardo Perez, Fernando Nielsen, Gordon Rammer

(172 Votes)

Three well muscled, horny gays go out to the countryside for a picnic in the sunshine. Since it's such a nice sunny day, they all strip down until they are just wearing their socks and shoes. Very European! The sight of all that hard muscle and raw cock excites the men, and they lie down on a blanket for a sexy oral threesome. They lie in a circle, sucking each others' cocks and licking each others' assholes. The dirty sex continues well in to the night, as one guy and then the other takes it hard in the ass hole, either getting fucked doggystyle or riding the dick while masturbating. They end up jerking off all over one another!

A Vacation Turns Into A Gay Orgy

Duration: 24m, 48s, Starring Fernando Nielsen, Gordon Rammer, Miles, Ramone, Ronaldo Rivera

(323 Votes)

Gordon Rammer and Fernando Nielsen were on vacation together. They ordered up some food and were out on the balcony when they decided to make a move on the room service guys. The room service guys fell to their knees and started sucking on the guys cocks. They called up a couple of their friends, Ramone and Miles and let them join in the fun. Dinner quickly turned into a cocks sucking party of the first order with guys all over the room sucking cock and fucking each other. Everyone blew everyone else and soon all the guys were shooting hot loads all over each other.

Innocent Young Guy Covered In Thick Load

Duration: 13m, 18s, Starring Ricardo Perez, Alex James, Brian Alstare, Edward Frank, Gordon Rammer

(188 Votes)

This scene begins with a young gay being broken in and taught the ways of homosexuality within the confines of a luscious garden paradise. The clip opens with him sucking on his partner's cock and tasting the musky pleasantness of a man's ass hole for the first time. The couple are locked in a horny 69 when two other gay men enter the scene, standing back and masturbating to begin with but then joining into the fray. Soon there is a lot of partner swapping, cocksucking and ass fucking going on, culminating in the youngest man being surrounded by the other gentlemen and covered with load after load of hot and creamy man juice.

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