Soccer Guys Have Hot Locker Room Anal

Duration: 21m, 40s, Starring Ian, Terry

(192 Votes)

After a hard afternoon on the soccer field, these two studs get up to some more physical exertion in the locker room! Pulling off their uniforms, they get right down to their jock straps, rubbing their hard cocks together. There is a bit of oral to get the dicks even harder and then one guy bends over, pressing his hands and his face against the wall and baring his anus for penetration. He gets a hurried and rough fucking in his butthole, as his buddy tries to finish before the rest of the team comes back to the locker room. At the end of the scene the guys splash each other with their loads, tasting the jizz and then swapping it with a kiss.

Soccer Mates Play With Some Balls

Duration: 17m, 37s, Starring Aiden, Jose

(423 Votes)

Soccer buddies Jose and Aiden romp around in the backyard, and they're soon rolling around on the grass kissing each other. They decide to head inside to play with some different balls, and they help each other undress before Jose gives Aiden a wet blow job. Aiden returns the favor and sucks Jose's hard cock, and Jose gets a rim job before he takes it up his tight ass missionary. Jose gets on his hands and knees to have his butt plugged doggy style, and Jose rides Aiden anal cowboy. Aiden finally jerks his load all over his own stomach.

Ian And Biff Meet And Fuck Down Under

Duration: 16m, 16s, Starring Biff, Ian

(150 Votes)

Cute blonde boy Ian is on vacation in Sydney Australia. Biff approaches Ian and offers to show him the sights, and the men enjoy each other's company as they take in the beautiful city. Biff then invites Ian back to his place, and they're soon making out passionately while they help each other undress. Biff slides Ian's body to suck his hard cock, and Ian pulls his legs back so Biff can give him a rim job. Ian lays back to Biff can fuck him up the ass missionary, and Ian jerks his own load all over his own stomach before Biff shoots his cum in the same place.

Peter And Rory Have Some Homo Fun

Duration: 13m, 16s, Starring Peter, Rory

(219 Votes)

Cute brunette Peter sits on his couch, scantily clad and reading a magazine. Bored blonde Rory walks by his open door and is intrigued by what he sees, so Peter invites him in and the 2 sit on the couch and kiss each other passionately. Peter stands over Rory, and Rory helps him off with his underwear before he sucks his hard cock. The men rub their dicks together, and Peter gives Rory a blow job. Peter gets on all fours so Rory can fuck him up the ass doggy style, and the men jerk off and both blow their loads all over Peter's tight stomach.

Breakfast In Bed Leads To Anal Sex

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Antoine, Juan

(72 Votes)

Muscular brunette studs Antoine and Juan share a breakfast in bed, but they soon tire of the food and want to taste each other. They begin to make out, and Juan helps Antoine off with his shorts before he sucks his big hard cock. The men 69, sucking each other off at the same time, and Juan pulls his legs back so Antoine can give him a rim job. Antoine then fucks Juan up his tight ass doggy style, and Juan lays back to have his butt plugged missionary. Juan rides him anal cowboy, and the men finally shoot their cum all over Juan's stomach.

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