Warehouse Full Of Dirty Gay Fuckers

Duration: 1h, 15m, 58s, Starring Dino Dimarco, Max Grand, Paul Morgan, Tony Scalia

(672 Votes)

There's not much work going on in this sex obsessed warehouse! All the guys are too busy sucking each others' cocks and getting fucked in the ass to lift a finger to move any of those boring boxes! Why would you want to work when there is an ample amount of young fresh meat on offer? There is hardcore gay sex action happening in every corner of this warehouse, whether it's a couple of the warehouse boys slacking off and having a quick bit of mutual oral sex in the corner, or an all out 10 man anal orgy right there on the main floor! Every single man who works in this warehouse is hot, gay and ready to fuck - now take your pick!

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