Hairy Cocksucker Bent Over Desk For Anal

Duration: 23m, 58s, Starring Anthony Mengetti, Max Grand, Sean Dickson

(149 Votes)

After everyone else has left for the day, these two horny homosexuals stay after work to get their fuck on! One of the guys has a shaved chest - all the better to show off his rippling chest and abdominal muscles - whilst the other man has a neat goatee and a thick and black nest of hair on his chest. The hairy guy can't wait to taste his buddy's cock, virtually ripping the jeans open so that he can get the prick in his mouth. He is so enthusiastic with his cocksucking that he almost gets his mate to explode right there, but instead he finds himself bent over one of the office desks and fucked hard in his hairy ass. He gets it really rough!

Gay Muscle Studs Have Hot Anal In Garage

Duration: 20m, 16s, Starring Max Grand, Tom Katt

(1704 Votes)

In this excellent gay bear sex scene, two horny gays pull into the parking garage in their sexy convertible. When you see a couple of guys this good-looking in a car together, you know that they are either gangsters or anal thugs! Both men are extremely hot with fantastic, beefcake bodies. One guy doesn't have much body hair, while the other muscular man has a thick matting of hair over his chest. Both guys have got awesome cocks! The oral goes both ways and then one chap bends over the hood, taking his weight on his elbows and sticking out his butt for maximum penetration. There are some great close-ups of the dick sliding in his ass.

Four Hot Guys Fuck In Back Of Warehouse

Duration: 23m, 31s, Starring Brent Cross, Dax Kelly, Eduardo, Joe Kent

(243 Votes)

The delivery comes to a standstill as the two warehouse workers admire the tall and strapping delivery man. He is standing in the back of his truck, shirtless and with his pants pulled down around his knees, stroking his semi-erect penis. He's extremely well hung and he has a fantastic body, mesmerizing the two workers. He lowers himself onto the edge of the truck and the two men gather round to suck his dick. This kicks off an awesome four-man orgy in the warehouse! The guys pair off, with one couple fucking over the back of the trunk whilst the other two take the forklift as their arena of choice for hardcore anal sex.

Horny Butt Fuckers Skip Work For Anal

Duration: 14m, 26s, Starring Adam Wilde, Max Grand

(234 Votes)

The boss of the security squad has got a new man on his team, and it's time to break him in! The muscular, brunette boss guides his new recruit through his first cock sucking experience. The boss leans back in his executive chair as the blond haired man eagerly goes down on him, gingerly licking the head of his penis and then swallowing as much as he can. It's an uncut cock and he pays special attention to the foreskin. Then the boss sucks off the blond man, paying him back and getting him ready for the mutual anal sex to come. Work is abandoned for the day as the two gentlemen fuck each other's butts furiously. What horny butt fuckers!

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