Ranch Hands Do Some Work In The Stables

Duration: 14m, 28s, Starring Rodrigo Ferraro, Rogerio Van Damme

(107 Votes)

It's a hot day at the Triple X Ranch, and the Latino ranch hands work hard to earn their money. Two of the muscular young cowboys, Rodrigo Ferraro and Rogerio Van Damme, take a break from their chores to meet in the stables. They kiss and help each other undress, and Rogerio slides down Rodrigo's body and undoes his jeans to suck his hard cock. Rogerio then bends over to take it up his tight ass doggy style, and he climbs on top to ride Rodrigo reverse anal cowboy. They finally jerk their hot loads all over Rogerio;s chest and stomach.

Ranch Hands Have Some Brokeback Fun

Duration: 13m, 1s, Starring Luiz Hansom, Pablo Picaco

(90 Votes)

It's business as usual at the beautiful Triple X Ranch, and handsome Latino cowboys Luiz Hansom and Pablo Picaco meet in the stables for a ride in the saddle. They kiss passionately as they help each other strip, and Pablo kneels to suck Luiz's hard cock. Pablo then bends over so Luiz can give him a rim job, and Luiz fucks Pablo up his tight ass doggy style while Pablo jerks himself off. Pablo rides Luiz reverse anal cowboy, and Pablo lays back to have his butt reamed missionary before they both blow their hot loads all over Pablo's muscular stomach.

Sexy Gay Studs Getting Down Outside

Duration: 15m, Starring Igor Castro, Luiz Hansom, Pablo Picaco, Rodrigo Ferraro

(230 Votes)

The ranch is certainly a great place to find the most manly and studly of guys. When this scene starts, you'll see Rodrigo Ferraro and Luiz Hansom running around. Pablo Picaco and Igor Castro do end up being the stars of the show in this one, as the camera cuts over to them finding a private area in front of a building to start getting their rocks off. This outdoors gay blowjob ends up being so much more, as they both bend over and Igor gets an ass full of Pablo's cock. He loves the way he gets stretched out from it.

Two Ranch Hands Get Crazy On The Range

Duration: 16m, 48s, Starring Igor Castro, Jeff Perez, Pablo Picaco, Rodrigo Ferraro

(206 Votes)

Jeff Perez and Rodrigo Ferraro were working late one afternoon at the ranch. When everyone else was gone they went behind the barn, got naked and went at it. Jeff bent Rodrigo over and licked his ass. After getting his ass rimmed Rodrigo sucked Jeff then bent over and let Jeff fuck him against the wall. He hammered that ass hard, thrusting in and out of it then he laid hid down and drove him into the dirt with long even strokes. As he was ready to cum he pulled that fat dick out and blasted a load all over Rodrigo's chest.

Homo Latino Ranch Hands Work The Stables

Duration: 11m, 11s, Starring Alex Junior, Dennis Boy, Pablo Picaco, Rodrigo Ferraro

(110 Votes)

Latino ranch hands Alex Junior and Rodrigo Ferraro sneak off as the others inspect the stables, and help each other undress as they kiss passionately. They're watched by a surprised Pablo Picaco as Alex kneels to suck Rodrigo's hard cock. Pablo joins them, and they help him strip as well, and they all take turns sucking each other off. Pablo climbs on top to bounce on Alex's dick reverse anal cowboy, and he lays back to have his butt hole reamed missionary. The handsome men finally blow their hot loads all over one another.

Three Guys Work The Cock On The Ranch

Duration: 11m, 57s, Starring Alex Junior, Igor Castro, Luiz Hansom, Rodrigo Ferraro

(147 Votes)

Alex Junior, Rodrigo Ferraro and Luiz Hansom were at work on Igor Castro's ranch. When the work was done Rodrigo and Alex went out behind the bunk house for some water, but ended up kissing and rubbing on each other. They quickly striped and were trading blowjobs when Luiz walked in on them. He joined in without missing a beat. All three guys got in a triangle and sucked each other then they bent Alex over and took turns fucking him. Cocks were slamming in and out of asses and mouths as they fucked and sucked each other raw. After all three came they got dressed and headed to get some chow.

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