Two Hot Guys Fuck Eachothers Asses Hard

Duration: 13m, 56s, Starring Adam Kriskal, Damien DeAngelo

(57 Votes)

We start off with one guy reading then another guy with just a towel on comes to join him and they immediately start making out. Before long the towel comes off the second one and he's straddling the first one. Then the first guy starts sucking the second guys dick, playing with it and stroking it with his tongue.Then the second guy pulls the first guys pants off and starts sucking his dick, taking it all into his mouth as his ass hole gets played with. They then move into a sixty nine position and start sucking each others long hard cocks and playing with their balls. Then the second one sits on the first ones dick and starts riding.

Two Guys Fuck Eachother Good And Hard

Duration: 9m, 49s, Starring Brandon Aguilar, Scott Spears

(141 Votes)

We start off with one guy sucking another guys dick taking it in and out of his mouth eagerly. He sucks his long hard cock hardcore for quite a while playing with it with his tongue. The other guy then gets on his knees and begins to suck the first guys dick, stroking it with his tongue and playing with his balls. They both then stand up and the first guy rubs both their dicks together man handling them both. Then the second guy turns the first guy around and starts licking his ass hole, sticking his tongue in and out. Then the first guy lays the second down and starts fucking him up the ass hole good and hard.

Three Good Looking Guys Have Hot Orgy

Duration: 18m, 24s, Starring Adam Kriskal, Kevin Alexander, Ryan Taylor

(69 Votes)

We start off with three guys hanging out and before long they all start making out. Soon the guy in the middle gets his dick taken out and the other two take turns sucking on it. His shirt comes off while the other two suck his dick. Then another guys dick comes out and the first guy who's dick was getting sucked starts sucking on the second guys' dick.Then all three of them get naked and start sucking each other off and licking each others ass holes. The first guy then starts fucking another guy up the ass hole as he's sucking the others dick. They keep fucking hard, jerking and sucking each other off.

Young Stud Gets Dick Sucked By Older Twink

Duration: 11m, 38s, Starring Jay Richards

(177 Votes)

In this hot old versus young gay scene, a mature grey-haired gentleman seduces a younger man. The younger fellow looks bemused as he shares a passionate kiss with the grey-haired chap and then looks on in amazement as the older fellow goes down on him, sucking his thick cock to a massive erection and obviously enjoying the taste of salty precum in his mouth. The young man gets bent over and fucked by the dominant older gentleman, but it's not all a one-way street; the grey-haired man also rides the young buck's thick cock, squealing as his geriatric anus gets stretched by that rigid man meat. The two guys jack off side by side at the end.

Two Guys Get It On In Hot Tub Hardcore

Duration: 20m, 36s, Starring Kyle Douglas, Scott Spears

(132 Votes)

We start off with two guys in a hot tub relaxing. They quickly start making out and before long one guy has the other guys shorts pulled out of the way and is licking and sucking the others dick.Then the second guy starts licking and sucking the first guys dick through his swim shorts. Before long the first guys shorts come down to reveal his long hard cock and the second guy eagerly starts sucking it and his balls. He then stands up and they give each other hand jobs then the first guy moves down to start licking and sucking the second guys dick again, and then the second guy starts sucking the first guys dick again.

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