Two Gay Dudes Play With Each Others Rods

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Pavel Vichera, Vaclav Skipala

(325 Votes)

Pavel Vichera and Vaclav Skipala are old friends in new relationships. Their sex lives are starting to slow down to a dead halt and they're both getting horny. It starts off with a quick comforting kiss, but after some talk about their sexual desires one dude decides to take it to the next level. So he takes his prick out and lets his buddy slobber all over his huge rod. They soon jump to some anal licking and the anal fucking comes right after. The blonde gets his ass reamed by his buddy's prick until they're both cumming.

Special Back Door Delivery Doctor

Duration: 20m, 4s, Starring Marcel Mantic, Petr Jerabek

(122 Votes)

He delivers his special delivery package to the sex therapist They get to talking, and he admits that he thinks he may be gay. The therapist is a flaming fag, and tells him there is one way to find out. He drops to his knees and unzips his overalls and pulls out his love cigar. He puffs and sucks on it until he is sending up smoke signals. They swap positions and the delivery guy shows how he can get it there on time by rimming his ass and sucking his balls down deep while mouth fricking the therapist's cock. He ends up getting one buried in his but hole and loves the cramming and the creaming.

Sex Therapy With Cocks On Experience

Duration: 24m, 53s, Starring Lukas Roubicek, Michal Dvorak, Pavel Vichera

(150 Votes)

Sex Therapy isn't the dull question answer period it used to be. When he went in to complain about his love life, his therapist gave him actual hands on lessons to make improvements in both his technique and his own pleasure. Volunteers take a dildo and show him how to open his ass up for easier entry and smoother fucking. Kissing lessons follow with advanced placement for cock kissing. The ass fucking demonstration is particularly enightening as he had never done it in that exact position, and it allowed for another partner to feed him cock so that he had both ends filled at once. He couldn't wait to cum to his next session

Hot Stud Masturbates To Anal Fuckfest

Duration: 13m, 46s, Starring Petr Vokaty, Robert Honisek, Vaclav Skipala

(181 Votes)

Robert Honisek is trying to jerk himself off to some hot gay porn, and it seems to be getting his prick nice and stiff. He's watching two hot dudes suck each others hard knobs and they both shiny because they're so wet. Robert starts to really get into what he's watching and starts to let his free hand wander to his asshole. As he's fingering his own asshole he watches as the guys on the screen start to go from licking cocks to licking assholes. Once the submissive one is all lubed up, his buddy puts his cock right up inside his ass and everyone ends up sticky.

Jealous Guy Treats His Boyfriend's Cock

Duration: 19m, 58s, Starring Marcel Mantic, Vaclav Skipala

(312 Votes)

Vaclav Skipala gets caught watching some porn videos by his jealous boyfriend Marcel Mantic. Marcel wants to know why he wastes his time jerking off to videos when he can have all of his dirty fantasies fulfilled by a real man. He drops down on Vaclav's hard prick and gives him an amazing blowjob. These two horny fuckers trade blowjobs and give each other fantastic rim jobs too. Both of their tight asses get fucked and these two party boys pump out some huge loads of spunk to reward each other. Who needs to watch porno when your man treats you like this?

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