Two Hot Men Get A Taste Of Some Cock

Duration: 23m, 47s, Starring Luke Murphy, Rocky Summers

(152 Votes)

What can be sexier than two gay studs getting it on in a weight room? Not much, especially when it involves Rocky Summers and Luke Murphy who are two hot muscular men with a mouth hungry for eating dick. One of them lays down to lift some weights, but soon his spotter can't resist bending down to the ground to suck his prick until it's rock hard. Then he breaks out a toy and gets him really turned on before it's finally his turned to get sucked and fucked. These two studs fuck hard until eventually they're both cumming all over each other.

Couple Of Hung Studs Hit The Showers

Duration: 19m, 5s, Starring Carl McQueen, Martin Andrews

(142 Votes)

You could just watch big dicked hunk Martin Andrews was himself down in the shower all day, but lucky for him he's joined by another huge cocked stud in Carl McQueen. They lather up well and work each others' fat cocks until they're clean and hard. They both move in for a hot slow blowjob and then it's time to trade cock fillings as they both take a turn having their tight asses pumped hard with the other guy's big dick. It's an all out cock-fest as they fuck hard until both of their bodies are covered in hot fresh jizz.

Bartender Needs A Refill Of Cock

Duration: 23m, 39s, Starring Shawn Richards, Will Harris

(190 Votes)

Shawn Richards is used to men hitting on him all the time while he's bartending. He doesn't always take the bait, but when a fresh stud like the well hung Will Harris makes a move, Shawn can't help but get all over it. Will extends an invite for sexy Shawn to suck his fat cock, and play bottom while he pumps and prods his tight ass. Shawn gives one helluva a hot blowjob before getting fucked hard by a big dick. Will pulls out his big dick and pumps Shawn full of hot cum after he's reamed out his tight ass.

Two Cute Guys In Makeout Session

Duration: 21m, 53s, Starring Craig Langtry, Prince Shepley

(183 Votes)

Two hot and handsome hunks can't seem to take their eyes off of one another and can tell by their growing dicks exactly what they have on their mind. With a lot of ball licking and dick sucking they are well on their way when they pull out a purple dildo to get rev playtime in high year. Anal pounding begins and the guys are so into each other you can help but groan yourself while listening to their bodies respond. Our guys finish with a bang but end the night on sweet kisses, a token of appreciation for some sexy time together.

Pair Of Butt-Fuckers Fateful Meeting

Duration: 21m, 14s, Starring Ashton Russ, Dean Vickard

(96 Votes)

It just so happens that Dean Vickard and Ashton Russ are both dying to wrap their lips around a nice hard cock, and pump an ass full of cum. What a coincidence that they're sharing the same room right now, Dean already has his cock out and strokes it until it's stiff as a tree trunk. Hung butt-fucker extraordinaire Ashton Russ joins him and these two male sluts trade a hot warm blowjobs before it's time to treat the other guy's ass like a dartboard and pump away with their huge cocks. The cum is flying before this hot fuck session is over.

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