Two Sexy Twinks Fuck For Some Exercise

Duration: 24m, 43s, Starring Ernest Cooper, Shane Vance

(101 Votes)

Ernest Cooper and Shane Vance are two hot twinks who clearly don't care much about working out. Their true passions involve sucking on each other dicks. So after a short attempt at trying to resist each other by lifting weights, they take turns swallowing each other cocks. Then it starts to get interesting when one dude breaks out a dildo and shoves it in the other guy's ass before taking it out and filling his hole with his prick instead. After some hard fucking, he pulls out and the two jerk each other off until their balls are empty.

Gay Guy Fucks Another Man's Tight Ass

Duration: 24m, 23s, Starring Lloyd Russel, Uriah Grant

(184 Votes)

One hot man is innocently washing a cucumber in his sink, but sure enough, Uriah Grant gets turned on by the perfect shape of his vegetable. He starts touching himself but soon he gets interrupted by Lloyd Russel who's interested in joining the play. Lloyd starts to suck on his friend's knob but Uriah's ass is craving some attention. So first comes the dildo that Lloyd shoves up his tight asshole and then the cucumber. Finally Lloyd is ready to use his dick so he brings his man into the other room, bends him over and fucks his ass hard until he leaves his jizz on his chest.

Two Hot Studs Having Some Anal Sex

Duration: 23m, 51s, Starring Brett Stiers, Lance Neil

(324 Votes)

Lance Neil sees Brett Stiers walk by and can't resist following him so that he can have a chance to suck on his big cock. He gets right into it, taking off his new friend's pants and slobbering all over his big prick. He gets it rock hard until it's finally his turn to get a solid suck job. Then when they're both turned on and completely stiff, Lance bends over a table, lifts his leg and opens his tight asshole so it can be filled with Brett's hard dick. Brett takes his rod and slides in and out of his hole until finally he has to pull out and unload his creamy jizz.

Two Hot Gays Getting Dirty In The Yard

Duration: 24m, 4s, Starring Dave Kits, Mark Patterson

(154 Votes)

While hanging out in the backyard, Dave Kits sees Mark Patterson in his bathing suit, letting his feet fall into the water. He walks over because he is totally getting turned on by this stud's toned stomach and big dick. So he reaches for his new friend's cock and takes it out to slide his tongue all over it. He gets his dick all wet so that when the two twinks are both turned on and are ready to fuck, Mark's dick slides inside Dave's ass with ease. His ass gets a solid pounding and when it's completely stretched they each jerk themselves clean.

One Gay Dude's Shower Interrupted By Sex

Duration: 24m, 43s, Starring Austin Koons, Ethan Marx

(240 Votes)

Ethan Marx is taking a steamy shower all by his lonesome. He's getting so turned on that he starts to slather his dick up with soap. Then Austin Koons walks into the bathroom and joins his man in the shower. They do a bit of dick sucking but soon decide to get out and dry each other off. Ethan gets comfortable in a chair with his legs wide open. He gets his ass licked and toyed before he feels Austin's dick slide right up inside his tight hole. Finally they each get a turn to cum after they ride their assholes on the same hard dildo.

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