Cory Has Phone Sex And Jerks Off

Duration: 11m, 44s, Starring Cory Adams

(300 Votes)

Gorgeous blonde Cory Adams lays chilling in bed, and he's awakened by a phone call from his lover. They playfully flirt with each other, and he starts to stroke his hard dick as they talk dirty to each other. He slowly jacks off as they have phone sex, and he gets on his hands and knees and masturbates while breathing heavily into the phone. He's prompted to stroke himself harder and faster, and he lays back again as his toes curl while he gets closer and closer. He finally jerks his hot load all over his own stomach, getting off before he gets off the phone.

Muscluar Stud Masturbates Poolside

Duration: 15m, 8s, Starring Peter Wilder

(183 Votes)

Muscular stud Peter Wlder lays his tanned and toned body down on a lounge chair poolside. He begins to play with his growing cock through his speedo bathing suit, and he tugs his suit aside to stroke his now hard dick. He jerks himself off slowly, teasing himself and playing with his balls as he does so. He stands and takes off his suit altogether, taking a seat in the hot tub next to the ball and continuing to jack his rod. He lays back in the lounge chair and keeps masturbating until he finally blows his hot load all over himself.

Dante's Peak Gets Jerked Off in a Solo

Duration: 15m, 54s, Starring Dante

(607 Votes)

Cleanliness is next to godliness and Dante is a man who likes to be clean. With his bath full and at the perfect temperature he climbs in and sits among the hard pumping jets. When he invites us into his tub he quickly starts lathering his body up with the bar of soap, his biceps and pecs are covered in bubbles as he takes his time to massage himself. After drying himself off he lounges on the bed to play with his well hung member. With his fist wrapped around his shaft he moans and groans as he jerks off his long hard cock.

Wade Hanson in a Solo Demonstration

Duration: 16m, 56s, Starring Wade Hanson

(114 Votes)

The double doors open and we are invited into the bedroom of Wade Hanson where he is only wearing a brown banana hammock. As we get closer we see that he is gently rubbing his package over his undies. He sees us watching him and becomes even more turned on, with a smile on his face strips naked, giving us an unobstructed view of his cock. the more he tugs on it the harder it becomes. Bending it backwards and squeezing it between his thighs he tugs and jerks on it harder and faster bringing himself to the peak.

Lonely Blonde Hunk J/O In Backyard

Duration: 15m, 18s, Starring Leo Dasilva

(91 Votes)

Leo Dasilva is a blonde strapping hunk with a big fucking tattoo on his chest, and big fucking cannon of a cock between his legs. He's just chilling in the backyard on a lawn chair and reaches into his Speedo to pull out his cock and give it a few tugs. He's getting hot and horny and can't resist the temptation of a full-on pud-pulling. He strokes his impressive cock and it just gets stiffer and stiffer. His hand wraps around his knob then works its way down his shaft before he expels a messy load of warm cum all over himself.

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