Cute Blonde Boys Have Hot Homo Sex

Duration: 20m, 38s, Starring Chris Gill, Mark Whethers

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Pretty blonde boys Chris Gill and Mark Whethers wake up in the middle of the night and decide that dreams can wait. Chris leans over to suck Mark's hard cock, despite Mark's initial protests that he has to wake up early. Mark returns the favor and blows Chris, and the 2 of them 69, with Chris giving Mark a rim job. Mark climbs on top to ride Chris' tool cowboy, and Mark gets on his hands and knees to take it up the booty doggy style. Chris pulls out and blows his load all over Mark's backside before laying back to take a messy facial from mark.

Horrid Monster Ass Fucks Terrified Dude

Duration: 18m, 50s, Starring Danny Chance, The Manimal

(221 Votes)

You better watch out - or the Manimal might come and get you! The Manimal is a very horrific apparition that appears through the mist, terrifying this poor Caucasian stud with its horrible face and then ravaging his anus. This white stud is powerless to resist the approach of the Manimal, getting down on trembling knees and sucking that monstrous cock out of sheer fear. Then the vicious monster bends the guy over and reams him in his butt, loosening him up with a couple of fingers first. The only lubrication is a bit of ass juice and spit on the butthole so you know this has got to hurt! However, the white dude orgasms from the anal.

Big Latin Cock Barely Fits In White Anus

Duration: 17m, 30s, Starring Danny Chance, Haven Philips

(173 Votes)

There is some awesome gay cocksucking and anal sex in this interracial gay scene. It begins with a Latino stud and a white man getting it on on the couch, kissing each other firmly on the lips as they take off each other's clothes. The blowjobs go both ways, with the studs leaning over and sucking each others' cocks one by one. Then the white guy gets fucked in the ass by the hung Latino man. The dick barely fits inside the white guy's tight anus but after much coaxing and thrusting it goes balls deep. The white guy turns out to be an enthusiastic receiver of anal sex, bouncing on the dick reverse cowgirl while he pumps his own cock.

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