Sexy Anal Threesome By Swimming Pool

Duration: 31m, 11s, Starring Andrew Colt, Grant Larson, Mark Andrews, Mitch Taylor, Rod Garetto

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This clip begins with an extremely toned man swimming in the pool. He is only wearing a tiny pair of speedos, and as he pulls himself out of the water his rock hard muscles are outlined as the liquid drains onto the warm concrete. He is joined by another man who is amazed at his glorious body - he can't keep his hands, or his lips, off him! As they begin to get frisky in the warm sunshine next to the swimming pool they are joined by a third man for an extreme homosexual threesome. There's plenty of anal, oral and ass to mouth to be had - not to mention a couple of massive and explosive cumshots! Don't miss this excellent gay sex clip.

Internet Hookup Leads To Anal On Floor

Duration: 12m, 52s, Starring Brad Eriksen, Sean Hunter

(54 Votes)

One of the great things about the Internet age is the flexibility in dating that it provides. No longer do you get to go to some seedy gay club to find yourself a diseased fuck buddy - now you can cruise the online personals to find yourself your perfect match! This dude has got himself a submissive cocksucker who is more than willing to come over to his house to pleasure him. He hears a knock at the door and find himself looking at a good-looking but quite slender man, also shorter and more slight than the dominant main stud. The guy sits back on the couch as the newcomer positions himself for some hot cocksucking and then anal sex.

Hot Studs Have Mutual Oral In Hotel Room

Duration: 17m, 16s, Starring Eric Donovan, Matt Windsor

(113 Votes)

What happens when you get a couple of gorgeous but dominant guys together in the same hotel room? Some damn fine oral sex, that's what! Incredibly good-looking studs Matt Windsor and Eric Donovan find themselves alone in the hotel room, lying on the bed and caressing each others' rock hard and muscular bodies. They kiss each other, grinding their rock hard packages together as they pull off each other's clothes. The oral goes both ways and it's extremely hot and sloppy! Both of these guys have got big cocks and they love to suck dick! There's no anal, but the oral is more than hot enough- especially the hot 69 action!

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